Thursday 17 June 2021
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SanFuture Life plan launched in Oshakati

WINDHOEK, 25 March 2019 – As part of its drive to be at the forefront of the insurance industry, Sanlam Namibia recently introduced the SanFuture Life plan in Oshakati in the Northern part of the country.
As one of the leading forces in the financial services in the country, Sanlam prides itself in providing its clients with new and innovative products that satisfy the client’s needs and providing them with a peace of mind while, “putting our clients first” and “valuing our people” in line with the organizations vision. Lead by the CEO of Sanlam Namibia, Mr. Tertius Stears and Sanlam executives, the company recently launched its latest exciting product, the SanFuture Life Plan at an official unveiling in Oshakati.
Many people have the misconception that life insurance is only for the wealthy and the SanFuture Life Plan is Sanlam’s solution to rebuffing these claims.
Insurance should not be seen as a luxury. With the new SanFuture Life Plan, Sanlam is ensuring that more people have access to insurance whilst rewarding their policyholders with a 20% cashback of all premiums paid every 5 years.
“At Sanlam we acknowledge, when times are tough, it can be challenging to think past the immediate cost stresses and consider the possibilities and implications of unfortunate events. We believe if you make the unselfish choice to cover yourself and your family and continue to pay your insurance premiums, you deserve to get something back,” said Stephan Erwee, GM: Operations.
Sanlam realizes that its clients should not fit in with existing insurances and offerings, but rather, the insurance policies should fit in with the needs of the individual.
With the SanFuture Life Plan which offer covers between N$ 500 000 and N$ 5 000 000, affordable premiums, cashbacks every 5 years and free cover after the age of 65 years, Sanlam believes the SanFuture Life Plan will undoubtedly be the peoples insurance cover plan of choice.
“At Sanlam we believe people in every region of this vast beautiful country deserve to get access to the best products and services.
We wanted to show our commitment to our clients all over Namibia by launching this very exciting new Life Plan in the North” said Tertius Stears, CEO of Sanlam Namibia. Issued by SANLAM

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