Wednesday 21 April 2021
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SPYL towards the meaning of Workers Day

It is the workers that had been the back bone of the Namibian struggle.
Strengthened in the yoke of colonial oppression and exploitation, the contract Labour system undignified the workers. Unlike slavery where the slave belonged to the owner, the contract labourer belonged to No one.
SWANLA, the South West Africa Native Labour Association was a private own business that effectively traded on human being to be “sold” for a period of 18 or more to anyone who desires to exploit our people.
The expropriation of our land and exploitation of our mines and marine resources required a secure labour force. There was no Labour laws recognising the dignity and integrity of a human being. Resolution 1514 of the United Nations in 1960 was the first to enunciate the legal right of peoples to be free. All these are enshrined in Article 8 of the Namibian Constitution thus dignity of The Worker is guaranteed.
Therefore Employers that softened the efforts of Government not to honour the rights of employees would be in breach of the Fundamental rights of workers. It is the very denial of rights that brought about the convictions to Namibian to end the exploitation of one’s Human right. Similarly the unemployed youth that is between 37.8% and 41.7% constitutes a violation to a right to remunerable employment.
As we celebrate the internationally celebrated Workers Day on the 1st of May we must remain vibrant, vigilant and viably attuned to the struggle of yesteryear and be the custodians of the legacy of the struggle.
On this note, as we make a reflection of the purpose of the struggle for workers internationally, Namibia should bravely continue embracing the advocacy and implementation of the rights of the workers hinged on the dynamics of international best practices molded by civilised nations of which our nation is part of.
It is pleasing to note that the vibrancy of our nation has received international acylation as the youth particularly have soldiered on despite economic hardships and are rhythmically enduring with hope that our Namibian government will provide solutions to the workers plight both young and old.
Equally so, we note that thousands of the youth who form the bulk of the workforce of our Nation want to work but the challenge remain the inability to access to the opportunities that they yearn for on a daily basis.
The SWAPO Party Youth League congratulates the Namibian Youth on this important day. It id through a combined effort of both the young and the old that the Nation can move forward.
If we are the youth of today tomorrow we will reflect and celebrate our effort in unison.
I leave you with a quote from Mama Winnie Madikizela Mandela, in her continued fight for freedom she never betrayed her own people and revolution, if all of us could exhibit her character we will collectively win over all the sins of the world with her resilience.
Therefore Mama Winnie says “I shall never lose hope and my people shall never lose hope infect we expect that the WORK WILL GO ON”Together we shall develop Namibia! The SWAPO Party Youth league congratulates the Namibian Nation on this Labour Day.

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