Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Mr “Balance me real quickly” in town

Last year they brought us Boity Thulo and this year they are hosting SK Khoza, better known as ‘Shaka’ from the popular South African soapie “The Queen.”

If the glitz and glam of the first ever event is anything to go by, then we are in for a unique treat as V-Lifestyle raises the bar and brings us another exciting party.

“V-Lifestyle intends to deliver people’s fantasies and turn their ultimate party dreams into a reality.” It is V-lifestyle’s aim to create a platform where every person has an opportunity to rub shoulders with celebrities from all over Africa, whom they would not ordinarily have had the opportunity to meet.

The guest-list includes not more than 500 guests, keeping the events exclusive with star studded status. If you make to the in-crowd, an unforgettable experience for every guest is the promise.

See you later today – where we get to meet ‘Shaka’ at V-Lifestyle session 2. The event kicks off at 16:00 at Cappello at Maerua Mall.

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