Friday 18 June 2021
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Keeping a positive mindset in trying times

Namibia a few weeks ago woke up to what was termed a bloody Monday with the killing of two people at Arandis, another killing in Windhoek and the suicide of another person also in Windhoek. This past weekend Windhoek was abuzz with complaints about incidences of violence meted out against members of the public by the Namibia Defence Force.
Transformation coach and motivational speaker Sam Shivute said that with the incidents from a few weeks ago and many others that have been happened, he noticed that many Namibian people are angry, complain a lot and do not know how to deal with problems. “We need to start seeing the importance of intentional and sustainable happiness.
Many of these things are happening because people are not happy or they do not have sustainable happiness,” he said.
Shivute said that many of the incidents where people either kill themselves or others as a way of dealing with problems, is an indication that people lack the ability to live positively, despite their circumstances.
He said that while there are many ways to address the societal issue of especially suicide and the so-called passion killing, urgent attention needs to be given to the importance of mental development in the Namibian society.
The transformational coach said that mental development and dealing should be considered just as imperative as physical development, especially in the education system. He also said that he is fully aware of the myths that surround mental health in the black communities. “Seeking the help of a psychologist, a social worker or even methods such as hypnosis is normally considered a taboo and seen as weakness, but we need to really do away with that taboo because people are keeping themselves from true healing, true sustainable happiness and truly dealing with problem,” Shivute said. The transformational coach said that he wants to send a message that in order to deal with life’s ups and downs and uncomfortable circumstances, people need to understand that happiness needs to be engineered.
“Once people understand that happiness is engineered, they will not rely on other people to make them happy and they will also not easily be moved into a place of hopelessness,” he said.
He further said that he does not want to teach people about a life that is all rosy, but wants to teach people that while there will always be adversaries and hardships there is a way out that is not suicide or killing someone else.
In light of sending a message of positive thinking and being intentional about being happy, the founder of Sam Shivute Inspiration has invited Dr Arun Bhardwaj, a happiness engineer, systematic innovation and business transformation strategist to address attendees of his upcoming Night of Inspiration, an annual event hosted by Shivute. This year’s event is themed “Transformation into Significance” which deals with differentiating between being great and aiming to be significant.

Mental health in the workplace
Referring to Namibia’s ranking of 113th out of 156 countries on the World Happiness Report, Shivute said that a lot also still needs to be done in ensuring mental health in the work place.
Making reference to the recent shooting of two employees of the Ministry of Health by a fellow employee, Shivute said that the wellness programmes in work places need to be revisited on order to include happiness engineering and positive thinking training for workers. He said that it is not enough to have team building activities, or massage sessions is not enough to ensure the mental health of employees and this may contribute to people resorting to suicide or killing others when they are faced with uncomfortable situations at the work place. Making mention of authors such as Norman Vincent Peale, the motivational speaker said that he has resolved and chosen to be happy and live positively and truly believes that many problems people feel they can only solve with death, can be solved through having a positive mindset.
“I have done it myself and I know it works so I want others to also adopt this transformation and have sustainable happiness in their lives,” he said.
Shivute said that since Bhardwaj will be in the country for a week, he would like all Namibians to benefit from the professional’s teachings of happiness engineering. He said that anybody who would like to make use of the invited guest during his time here, can contact him directly.
“I am not asking for sponsorships, I just want as many Namibians to benefit from his teachings so if anyone wants to have a side event that will benefit a larger group, they can contact me and we can see how we can work it out,” Shivute said. This year “Night of Inspiration “ takes place on 18 and 19 May at the National Theatre.

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