Friday 18 June 2021
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Who is Namibia’s designated survivor?

We often witness our Head of State, along with his Vice President and Prime Minister, members of Parliament and Cabinet attend all manner of events, together.
Prime examples are events such as the State of the Nation Address, such as which took place just last Wednesday.
The top echelon of the country are seen en masse at The Independence Stadium, Heroes Acre for State funerals, Parliament Gardens, memorial stadiums and recently most people in the leadership of our country attended the funeral of King Kauluma Elifas to pay their last respects.
According to the Wikipedia definition of a designated survivor:  “In the United States, a designated survivor (or designated successor) is an individual in the presidential line of succession, usually a member of the United States Cabinet, who is arranged to be at a physically distant, secure, and undisclosed location when the President, the Vice President, and the other officials in the line of succession are gathered at a single location, such as during State of the Union addresses and presidential inaugurations.”
This is intended to guarantee continuity of government in the event of a catastrophic occurrence that kills the President and many officials in the presidential line of succession, such as a mass shooting, bombing, attack or catastrophic natural disaster.
According to the Senate Historical Office, the practice began in the 1960’s or potentially earlier, thought to coincide with the Cold War era, when the threat of nuclear attacks began. However, the identity of the designated survivor was often not made public until the 1980s. The Senate Historical Office has a list of every State of the Union’s designated survivor since former President Ronald Reagan’s 1984 address (Housing and Urban Development Secretary Samuel R. Pierce Jr.)
There’s very little information publicly available on the subject of where the designated survivor goes and exactly when they leave – and purposely so, since they could also be a target in the event of a large-scale attack on the U.S.
What is known is this: “the designated survivor gets presidential-level security from the U.S. Secret Service and is taken to an undisclosed secure facility outside of Washington.
A military aide accompanies them carrying the nuclear football, or the briefcase containing the country’s nuclear war codes. The designated survivor is not briefed on what to do if something actually happened to the president.” – Wikipedia

Does Namibia have such a designation?
The question remains, with the increase of violence and extreme behaviour in our country, is the safety and continuity of democracy and government taken into consideration, and in what manner, should an unfortunate tragedy occur?
Information about such an arrangement in Namibia is sparse and questions put to the Prime Minister’s office remained unanswered at the time of going to print.

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