Monday 14 June 2021
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Platnumz vs The King

“Martin Morocky (born 31 March 1983), known by his stage name as The Dogg, is a Namibian musician. He is considered as a kwaito artist. His debut album, Shimaliw’ Osatana, was released in 2004 to mixed reviews.

On Monday 21 April 2019 he was betrayed by Diamond Platnumz on a track they featured when Judas uploaded a video without king Tee-Dee’s verse. This resulted in Diamond Platnumz angering the whole Namibia as a nation.” – Wikipedia 25.04.2019.

“Shocked as you are,” reads a tweet by Kind Tee Dee in response to a query from a fan. No stranger to controversy Diamond Platnumz is famous for beefs with artists from Tanzania and now even beyond.

“It’s funny how some get personal, why do you really attack or insult me, is to get a reply or/ Weather I sing good or bad is none of your business to insult me, there are so many choices out there and go where you are happy, let my existence not hurt any of u. Thanx to my true fans,” (sic) reads another.

At The Lounge we are struggling to wrap our heads around what has unfolded here any we may even have to get some legal advice.According to a statement released by Diamond Platnumz management, King Tee Dee owns his own version and is aware of the newly released version, as per ‘contractual agreements’.

After some furore on Twitter, Gazza made a brief feature showing support for his friend. The Lounge made contact with Diamond Platnumz who we believe is currently in Seoul South Korea. Despite receiving a blue tick on our messages Diamond Platnumz did not respond to any questions.

We are unsure how this drama will end up, right now emotions are high, speculation is rife and both artists are declining to comment.

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