Friday 18 June 2021
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Okakarara Constituency struggles with Simaata over jobs

The Okakarara Constituency has condemned a directive by secretary to Cabinet, George Simaata to reserve positions of cleaners, workhands and labourers for the children of the liberation struggle at Okandjatu, Okamatapi, Coblenz and Okatjoruu and auxiliary services at the Otjozondjupa regional council.
Regional councillor, Vetaruhe Kandorozu wrote a scathing letter to Simaata slamming government for favouritism and failing to share resources equally through creating fair employment opportunities.
Kandorozu said he was dismayed by Simaata’s letter which contained the directives on behalf government; which according to him contravenes the Public Service Act and staff rules that give guidance on what must be done when a vacancy arises.
He said the secretary had deliberately opted to ignore the legal instruments and procedures in place.
“Many of our people, including the youth are unemployed and some are performing volunteering work at those institutions for decades with no remuneration at all, yet the Namibian government has the audacity and simultaneously saw it fit to value the struggle kids above others thereby offering them job opportunities. An exercise we deem unfair, unjust, totally disrespectful and inhumane,” said the councillor.
He said the impression Simaata’s letter created was that his community members had no qualifications or that there were mere second-class citizens.
He added that the pressure struggle kids were exerting on government should not permit it to be unethical and belittle certain individuals and “unfairly advantage others”. The constituency office has also written to Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila telling her that they had received complaints on the matter from their traditional leaders, youth groups and war veterans.
They have expressed their wish to visit the PM before the 10th of May this year “so that we present our concerns about the unfavourable decision of the secretary to Cabinet”.
The Patriot also gleaned on the said ‘Simaata letter’ dated March the 25th 2019 penned to executive director in the urban and rural development ministry, Daniel Nghidinua. Simaata in the letter notifies Nghidinua of the clearance to fill the vacant posts in the said areas within the Otjozondjupa regional council staff establishment.
“I am writing to inform you that permission is granted for the ministry of urban and rural development (Otjozondjupa Regional Council) to advertise and fill the following  positions: Deputy director (of) rural services  approved, Deputy director (of) finance, not approved, Director (for) Planning and development, approved,” reads the letter.
Other approved positions are control administration officer in Tsumkwe, chief administrative officer, internal auditor, accountant, senior administrative officer in Otavi and administrative officer in Okahandja. Both the secretary to Cabinet and Prime Minister did not pick their mobile phones.
Meanwhile, the struggle kids that have been cherry picked as possible fillers of the vacant posts are Foibe Nghidinua, Haipinge Ndafenongo, Dawid Nakathingo, Uushona Jason, Petrus Moses and Namene Barabina.
Social activist and leader of the NUDO party, Ester Muinjangue has remarked that the “privilege and special treatment given to theso-called children of the liberation struggle” was a thorn in the flesh.
“Are they the only youth without jobs? Are they the only youth who wonder the streets of Namibia? Are they the only youth who suffered or whose parents suffered during the liberation struggle? The answer to all these is a big no.”
“There were countless Namibians who suffered physiological and emotional traumas during the dark days of independence, however they rose beyond that and became productive members of our society. The question is why the so-called liberation struggle kids suffer an entitlement syndrome?” she queried.
She blamed government for the unemployment problem by “creating hundreds (of) positions of advisors to the President and by increasing the already bloated civil service wage bill”.

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