Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Table Tennis to be expanded

As part of its long strategic plans to take the sport of table tennis to all corners of the country, the president of Namibia Table Tennis Association (NTTA), Rudie Saunderson has revealed that the association is busy searching for a professional table tennis coach that will help develop the sport.
Saunderson said the appointment of a professional coach is set to be completed by August 2019.
The NTTA is currently only represented in three (3) regions, namely Khomas, Hardap and Erongo however participation weakened lately and in order to enable members to practice their favorite sport unhindered, NTTA will assist with the establishment of table tennis clubs in Mariental and Rehoboth.
Both these towns have produced national players in the past, with some still being very active, some of which are Ronaldo Vogel, Delton Dreyer, Zwandile Kooper and Ewan Orlam.
“Table tennis in Namibia entered 2019 on the back of a very quiet 2018. 2019 However promises to be the complete opposite of 2018 with a lot in store for players as well as spectators.
A new executive committee was elected at the end of 2018. The committee, consisting of 75 new members, will have a 2 year term. Despite challenges, we are proud of what we have been able to achieve so far. We are busy embarking on finding and employing a professional coach/development officer by August 2019,” Saunderson said.
The process which started in 2018 is at an advanced stage and the anticipated appointment will be central in the plans of the NTTA for 2019-2021.
In the past the NTTA relied on the schools in these regions, but due to lack of support from school teachers who are overburdened, the NTTA has decided to play a more active role in the towns.
The plan is to have both clubs in place by the end of June 2019. The NTTA will supply equipment and the local club members must secure a safe facility to practice table tennis and for storage of equipment.”
As part of the expansion strategy, Saunderson added that table tennis will soon reach the northern regions, in particular the Oshikoto and the Oshana Regions.
“It was resolved to have a presence in two towns in the northern regions. Tsumeb and Oshakati are targeted as possible options due to table tennis expertise available in these towns.
This will be part of the coach/development officer’s responsibilities and will hence only be achievable towards the latter part of 2019.
There will be a strong drive to attract more female players to increase the pool of female players. This will also ensure the succession of current female players for the national team,” Saunderson added.

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