Friday 18 June 2021
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Sitting pretty in namibia

Ndapanda Haininga is living her absolute best life right now! Right off the back of taking over the social media pages of the NWR to showcase their resorts around the country, the country is sitting up and taking notice in a whole new way of this beautiful young lady.

Just in her 20’s and earning a reputable living, Ndapanda is making travelling on a budget a very doable and selfie-worthy thing.

Impressively she started her blog only at the end of November and has made an impression on so many Namibians that many of us are even more eager to explore our own country, which is exactly what Ndapanda is aiming for.

“I really, really enjoy travelling and I felt like Namibia was very under-explored by Namibians. So I started a travel journey where I would visit regions of the country.

When I first posted pictures, many people were asking me ‘where is that’ so I thought it would be easier to just get up all the information and blog them and then any person could look it up … That is how I started blogging because I wanted to share information with Namibians who wanted to travel Namibia as well.”

Ndapanda enthusiastically declares how there are so many places to visit and so much to do within our own borders and laments how it seems as Namibians we either overlook those places or we don’t have the information about them. Either way, she is educating us about our beautiful country and showing us how to glam it up right here at home.

On a personal level this, shall we call her travel blogger?, says she is not big on camping because of all the “setting up and taking down” but does definitely go big on budgeting before she sets out on her journeys. “I don’t just up and leave. I actually have a travel account, I have a debit order for my travel account, so if I do want to go somewhere there is some money that I can use. So if I want to pack up then I just pack up and it is not so heavy on my salary. I do think I am a budget conscious traveller. When I go to places I spend one or two nights, I never go for a week. I explore the tourist attractions surrounding that area.”

Gondwana, Omaanda, Desert Grace, Deadvlei are but a few of the amazing places this lady had visited and they are absolutely breath taking judging from the spectacular images she manages to capture for her personal social media pages as well as for her blog.

Asked about future aspirations in the travel industry Ndapanda reveals that she aspires to start a travel agency for Namibians travelling in Namibia. She is extremely passionate about Namibians exploring and knowing our own country first that she wants to be able to help them do it.

Whether that means making the bookings for them or arranging their entire stay or simply providing them with the information of what might be a suitable destination for their budget, this girl is here for it all.
It has not been an easy feat though, but Ndapanda is ready to make that dream a reality.

Clearly forward thinking, when stating her required compensation, the budget conscious lady asked not to be compensated monetarily for her recent stint with the resorts. Wise move for a girl who loves to explore her land.

In the age of blogs and online personalities this is certainly the right time for a Namibian to pursue this avenue of travelling, blogging and enticing fellow beings to explore all the hidden treasures the Land of the Brave has on display.

At The Lounge we look forward to the next venture Ndapanda tackles, it is sure to be awe inspiring and we are here for it.

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