Monday 19 April 2021
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NYS struggles to appoint top boss

…  Daisry Mathias tipped for position


The National Youth Service (NYS) has been struggling to fill the position of commissioner following the departure of Commissioner Onesmus Aupindi since the end of last month.
The Patriot understands that since Aupindi’s departure on 29 March, NYS has had a leadership vacuum as there was no one appointed as an acting commissioner who could sign for the purchase of food for 1100 trainees at Reitfontein training centre or office stationary and supplies.
It is alleged that the reason why there was no acting commissioner is that there is a disagreement between the NYS board chairperson Mandela Kapere and chairmen of human resources committee Richwell Lukonga on who should act.
According to an internal memo dated 8 April Esther Mclaud who is an executive for finance was temporarily appointed on Tuesday, as acting commissioner effective on 5 April, although the memo simultaneously reads “the assignment is effective as of 5 April up until arrangements for an acting commissioner are finalised.”
Contacted for comment on Monday this week Lukonga referred questions to Kapere simultaneously denying that there is a disagreement between them.
NYS advertised the commissioner’s position towards the end of last year and three people who were shortlisted for the position were interviewed between 04th and 10th February.
Sources privy to the matter have told The Patriot that among those who were interviewed for the position are head of Nakayale Vocational Training Centre Erick Nenghwanya, Oshana Regional Education Deputy Director Gerhard Ndafenongo and one unnamed person from the University of Namibia.
The Patriot further understands that the interview panel could not find the suitable candidate for the position. According to the advert, NYS is looking for someone with a Master’s Degree in Social or Management Science, or alternatively five years at an executive management level and at least 10 years working experience of which seven years should have been a senior management or alternatively five years in executive management.
The commissioner position is at the level of the chief executive officer of a tier two category under the State Owned Enterprises Governance Act. The commissioner is appointed by the President on the recommendation of the board.
“There is no leadership vacuum at the NYS. The board has made an arrangement last week as it has appointed NYS’ executive for finance Ms Esther Mclaud as the acting chief executive.
If there was a leadership vacuum it would have existed for two to three days,” says Kapere.
“The position of the NYS commissioner has attracted 27 applications and the board had shortlisted 13 people of which six people were interviewed.”
He added that the process of appointing the new commissioner involves multiple offices including that of the minister of youth, sport and national services.
“We cannot tell you when the appointment is going to be made because the vetting process and consultation with other stakeholders is ongoing.”
Asked for the names of the people who had been interviewed and whether these names have been referred to the President for appointment, Kapere refused to comment saying that doing so would be tantamount to gross irresponsibility on his part.
Asked about the alleged disagreement between him and Lukonga, Kapere echoed Lukonga, saying that the allegations are false.
Says a source, “Daisy Matias is said to be the incoming acting commissioner because the President is busy destroying his A (advisors)-Team at State house. That’s why the Memo states that NYS is busy looking for Acting Commissioner.”
On her part Matias refused to comment on the matter saying “kindly approach spokesperson Dr. Hengari to respond on behalf of the office.”

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