Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Is CoW scared of Hishongwa?

City of Windhoek this week said that it will not demolish three flashy shacks owned by former deputy minister of youth and sport Hadino Hishongwa.
This comes after the City last week advertised for a N$360 000 tender to remove illegal structures on the municipality’s land.
Since 2014 when Hishongwa erected the shacks which he rents out, Windhoek municipal police has been threatening without acting to remove the shacks but has only displayed the guts to pull down the shacks owned by peasant and powerless residents of Windhoek.
The three structures comprise of a massive bar with the name One Nation Trading Enterprises bar, a take-away and a four-roomed shack.
In 2014 City Police said that it was in the process of getting a court order to demolish Hishongwa’s shacks but five years after that promise the City of Windhoek has as yet not demolished the shacks owned by one of Swapo’s senior politicians.
Hishongwa at the time denied that the shacks were his, however suspended City Police Chief Abraham Kanime said that City Police had enough information to substantiate that the shacks are owned by Hishongwa who is also the former Namibian High Commissioner to Botswana.
City Police has been destroying residents’ illegal shacks but could not destroy Hishongwa’s shacks giving poor accuses that they needed to obtain a court order to execute their duty, while no such order is seemingly needed to destroy the homes of the poorest residents in the city.
When The Patriot visited the area this week, neighbours said that the structures are being rented out. The shacks caretaker a certain Sebby confirmed this in a text message.
“The small ones are N$300 while the big one is going out for N$450,” he said.
Asked if the successful bidder who will scoop the N$360 000 tender would remove the illegal shacks as well, City of Windhoek spokesperson Harold Akwenye said that Hishongwa’s shacks will not be demolished because they have been in existence for a long time.
“Why should they be removed? The tender is for the removal of the new structures that are going to be put up as from today on,” he said.
Last Friday, youth leader Job Amupanda issued a press statement condemning the decision by City of Windhoek to remove “poor people’s houses”. “As the only hope for our people, we will not sit silent and allow the regime to spent N$10 million in demolishing the homes of the poor. We will fight this tender by any means necessary.”
In his statement Amupanda said his movement, the Affirmative Repositioning had directed its lawyers led by Kadhila Amoomo to set the legal machinery in motion to challenge the tender in court.
“We will write to the evil City of Windhoek to express our disgust with their evil minds and spirit and inform all the councillors that we will never forgive them ever, should they go ahead with this evil. We will appeal to their evaporating conscious to cancel the evil tender,” Amupanda said.
Hishongwa was not available for comment at the time of going to print.

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