Saturday 15 May 2021
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CoW ignores Kanime’s lawyer

Nearly four weeks after Abraham Kanime’s lawyer Sisa Namandje instructed City of Windhoek to reinstate his client, the City still declines to comply.
Namandje wrote to City of Windhoek lawyers Du Pisani Legal Practitioners on 08 March this year instructing the City to reinstate the Head of City Police who has been on suspension for a year.
“Our client is of the view that your client is deliberately delaying this matter.
In any event because of the investigation that had since been completed, there is absolutely no reason for our client to remain on suspension.
Our client therefore demands immediate upliftment of the suspension while the disciplinary hearing is proceeding.
Kindly therefore revert to us with proposed dates for the hearing with immediate effect and your client’s instruction on upliftment of our client’s suspension which has become unfair and completely unnecessary,” Namandje wrote in his letter.
Asked why City of Windhoek did not respond to Namandje’s letter, the city’s spokesperson Harold Akwenye said he was not aware of the letter.
Kanime confirmed the authenticity of the letter, but refused to comment.
Kanime was suspended on the allegations of misusing public funds. He has denied the allegations saying that he used the funds to sue the City of Windhoek because it had failed to support the City Police in carrying out their work.
The Patriot understands that at a recent council meeting, the City Council confirmed minutes from an end of February council meeting where a resolution to reinstate Kanime was passed.
Kanime’s reinstatement has divided the council, with some councillors and high profile officials allegedly blocking Kanime’s reinstatement because the matter of City of Windhoek’s Chief Executive Officer Robert Kahimise has also not been completed.
Impeccable sources told The Patriot that the City has also not complied with recommendations contained in the PwC report completed already last year.
Last year, Kahimise requested PwC to assist the City in conducting a forensic investigation into possible irregularities relating to the procurement of practitioners’ services and deposits of cash at the City Police for the period from 01 July 2017 to 20 July 2018.
The City spent N$700 000 in the PwC’s forensic audit report in which PwC recommended that the City of Windhoek institute disciplinary hearings against City Police Senior Superintendents Pahukeni Titus and Reiter Nambinga in terms of the Windhoek Municipal Police service regulations.
Titus through his lawyers Shikongo Law Chambers, denied all the charges against him saying that he acted under the specific instruction of the Chief Executive Officer.
Asked why Pahukeni and Nambinga have not appeared before the disciplinary hearing, Akwenye referred the question to Kahimise and council.
Nambinga is accused of failing to obtain authorisation from Kanime for payment requisitions, which he (Kanime) was responsible for providing.
“Those reports sit with the CEO and council. It will be the best to direct those questions to the CEO and council chair,” he said.
Kahimise did not respond to questions sent to him on Wednesday.

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