Monday 12 April 2021
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Reward Policy to be effective in April – Mwiya

Namibia Sport Commission Chief Administrator Simataa Freddy Mwiya has cleared the air and updated as to when Olympic gold medalists can expect to get their rewards.
This comes after Namibia’s Special Olympics half marathon runner Ruben //Gowaseb won a gold medal at the 2019 World Summer Games held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates earlier this month.
Questions were raised if the veteran runner will receive his incentive after that incredible achievement in the Emirates.
Cabinet had approved the Namibian Sport Policy Reward and had tasked the sport ministry to budget the required funds for implementation of the policy.
The policy was set to be implemented at an amateur level and offered across three classifications; namely individual achievement, sports team, and technical staff. The new policy however will only be implemented from this year due to a shortage of funds as it was not budgeted for in the last financial year, sports minister Erastus Uutoni was quoted as saying.
Namibia Sport Commission chief executive officer Freddy Mwiya confirmed that the policy will be active from the beginning of April.
“For now let us not confuse the nation by telling irrelevant information but what I can tell you is that the policy will be effective from the 1st of April this year.”
The policy states that athletes who win a gold medal at the Olympic and Paralympic games should receive N$200 000 each while a gold medal at the World Championship with more than 30 countries, will see them walk away with N$100 000.
A silver medal for senior at Olympic Games and Paralympic games will be rewarded N$150 000 with second place at a world championship a guaranteed N$80 000.
And for senior athletes who win a bronze medal at Olympic and Paralympics games will pocket N$100 000 and N$50 000 for a World championship with more than 30 countries participating.
While trainers of athletes participating at Olympic and World Championships will receive incentives ranging from N$80 000 for gold to N$10 000 for youth championships, depending on the medal won by the athletes.
Athletes partaking in competitions such as the Commonwealth Games, the All Africa Games, the African Senior Championships as well as the Special Olympics will earn between N$80 000 for gold and N$20 000, depending on the podium placing.
Also, gold at the Commonwealth Games or African championships with less than 15 countries will be rewarded with N$500 000, while silver and bronze medals will be rewarded with N$300 000 and N$200 000, respectively.
Mwiya told The Patriot Sports a new way introduced to welcoming athletes home.
“We are no longer welcoming the athletes just at the airport but we will be holding that welcome ceremony at the office of the minister of sport.
We are not saying people should not go to the airport and welcome their heroes but there is a new way whereby we host a little celebration at the headquarters to welcome them diplomatically.”

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