Monday 12 April 2021
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Frail Ngatjizeko absent for 18 days

Former Presidential minister Immanuel Ngatjizeko who was dropped from cabinet last year due to ill-health has not attended any National Assembly session since the opening of Parliament this year.
This year National Assembly convened 18 times without Ngatjizeko (66) setting foot inside it.
He had done the same last year when he only made his first appearance in the National Assembly in September, following a prolonged special leave granted to him by the National Assembly.
At the time, leave was granted immediately after his resignation from State House in February 2018 and this was also announced in the National Assembly.
Whenever a member is awarded leave, the speaker of the National Assembly announces it to the house that that particular member is being awarded special leave.
It was only after The Patriot’s enquiry regarding his absence from Swapo chief whip in the National Assembly, Eveline Nawases-Taeyele on Tuesday this week, that Ngatjizeko was officially granted leave from the National Assembly. Absence from Parliament for 10 consecutive days without leave is contrary to the constitution which dictates that if a member is absent for three consecutive sitting days without having obtained special leave on National assembly grounds, specified in its rules and standing order, he or she should stop being a legislator.
Although he has been doing a disservice to the country, the frail Swapo politician in the meantime qualifies for a salary of N$40 000 per month which translates to N$480 000 a year.
He also qualifies for various benefits which include housing allowance, car allowance, medical aid and an entertainment allowance.
Asked this week why he does not attend parliament, Ngatjizeko said, ”hold on” before passing his phone over to an unknown person.
“You can inquire at Parliament,” the person said.
Swapo chief whip in the National Assembly, Eveline Nawases-Taeyele, said there are many reasons why people do not come to parliament.
“I will revert back to you to give you the correct information.
I am in a meeting now,” she said but did not honour her word.
Ngatjizeko who previously served as labour, safety and security minister, as well as director of the National Planning Commission retired in February 2018 two weeks after he was appointed Presidential Affairs Minister during a Cabinet reshuffle.
State House Press Secretary, Alfredo Hengari, announced at the time that Ngatjizeko’s decision to retire was taken based on a recommendation of his doctor “with immediate effect.”

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