Wednesday 21 April 2021
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NTA rejects Hinda fund request

The Namibia Training Authority (NTA) has rejected a request by deputy minister of Home Affairs Maureen Hinda to fund her vocational training centre in Keetmanshoop.
Hinda’s sister Cecilie, who is the acting head of the institution wrote to NTA chief executive officer Jerry Beukes, on 04 March this year requesting for a second payment to her sister’s Southern Cross Human Capital Management Centre (SCHCMC), a vocational training centre.
The deputy minister who owns 25 percent stake in Bethanien fishing which received fishing quotas from the government declared SCHCMC in her declaration of assets, as one of her source of income.
She also indicated in her declaration that she is the managing director of the institution which was established in 2009.
Before she was appointed as a deputy minister in 2015, Hinda served in various influential positions including being southern regional manager for National Housing Enterprises (NHE).
Despite Cecilie and deputy minister Hinda earning enough to qualify for a loan from commercial institutions to fund the institution, they opted to apply for funding from NTA.
Cecilie holds a managerial position at Namibia Standard Institute while Hinda is a deputy minister, fish mogul and married to former Foreign Affairs deputy minister Kaire Mbuende who is Namibia’s ambassador to Benelux countries and European Union (EU).
In 2014, SCHCMC was chosen by Social Security Commission to train 148 unemployed youth through the Social Security Commission development fund.
Hinda did not disclose how much her institution wanted from NTA.
Speaking to this publication recently, Hinda accused NTA of terrorising her.
“They are picking small things that are in the file but just terrorising me because they want people to pay commission to them. We need an investigation into the activities of NTA.
The (financial) report is complete they just looking for anything to close the centre despite it being the only one in the south and one that is top performing,” she said. Jerry Beukes said in a letter that the institution used some of the funds from NTA for non-training related expenses without NTA’s approval.
This is contrary to the agreement signed between NTA and vocational training centres.
In his letter, Beukes also stated that the institution had ‘blue wallet’ transactions on its bank statements amounting to N$23 600 of which N$15 300 was allegedly used to pay for freezer repairs.
“The NTA is requesting SCHCMC to clarify these transactions within 21 days from the date of this letter (11 March 2019).”
According to the letter, the Training Grand Agreement entered between the NTA and SCHMC dictates that utilisation of the disbursed funds for non-training related expenses without the NTA approval is considered a breach in the agreement and may result in the Training Grand Agreement amount being reduced with the amount spent, or the Training Grand Agreement being terminated.
Another reason is that the institution has had a change in management, administrative and training staff but this has not been communicated to the NTA in terms of regulations.
“We kindly request that the credentials (CVs and copies of qualifications) of the recruited trainers be submitted to the NTA, for an assessment, no later than 15 March 2019,” he wrote.

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