Monday 12 April 2021
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Teen Summit – Namibia

Young people from different parts of the world came together to showcase their talents and passion with the hope of inspiring their peers.
This happened through the Teen Inspirational Summit, which took place on 9 March 2019 at The Safari Court Hotel in Windhoek. The event was made possible through sponsorships by MTC, Standard Bank and Namibia Media Holdings.
The theme of the event was ‘Connecting with Tomorrow’s Leaders’. The turnout was impressive with many people showing up in support of their friends, family and simply for inspiration. The audience was diverse and vibrant filled with people of all age groups-from grandmas to toddlers and it was a function worth attending. Teen hosts Ritha Kakelo and Shane Smith took the crowd through the event swiftly.
The Speakers
Rebekka Nghilaluwa, who is the Junior Mayor of Ongwediva started her talk by assuring the crowd their voice can change the world.
“As much as it is an honor to be here today, it is a responsibility to speak at this prestigious teen event,” she said. She further explained that she was overwhelmed and excited to be a part of such an event, which was the first of its kind in Namibia. “As young people in some point in our lives we are going to have to make choices for ourselves and we need to think wisely,” she continued. Nghilaluwa who is a strong advocate for girl empowerment advised the young girls in the audience to care for and value themselves before any one else can.
She also mentioned that even though girl empowerment is important, the boy child should not be neglected. Champion debater Christian Prinsloo and his debating partner hit the stage with a heated debate on whether or not the youth should be involved in decision-making in their country or generally. Prinsloo was for and his opponent was against. Prinsloo pointed out during his debate the Namibian youth make up the most of the society however they are given the fewest opportunities to lead and make decisions. “The majority of African populations all over the world are generally youthful but the leaders that are in those governments and make decisions about them are not,” he argued. He further explained that the leaders in governments thus do not understand the problems that the youth face.
South Africa’s youngest motivational speaker, Kimberly Malope rocked the stage by showcasing her talent and passion for dancing and singing with performing four well-known songs. Malope has previously given talks to members of parliament and community groups.
She is the ambassador of ‘The Kimmotive Organisation’, which aims to act as an agent for social uplifting through talents and skills. 17-year-old Malope has been motivating young girls and distributing sanitary pads since the age of 9.
She has done various talks on HIV/AIDs, substance abuse and hygiene. Malope urged young girls to value and love themselves before expecting anyone else to love them. The crowd chuckled and cheered in laughter when 5-year-old Aunty Success along with her supporting acts performed various comedy skits. Aunty Success is well known for being the main character in Mark Angel comedy skits on Youtube.
Hailing all the way from USA, 12-year-old Nayeem Hudson affectionately known as King Nahh who is an international motivational speaker shared his story on how he got into public speaking.
King Nahh has done talks in countries like Dubai, Mexico and Tanzania (to name a few). He is one of the youngest international motivational speakers of his time and urged the audience to take “something” from all the speakers of the event and to disregard their age. He has written his own book called ‘We are all kings: A Motivational Guide for Young Men’, which was also available for sale at the venue.According to the Huffington Post he is amongst the ‘12 kids who rocked the world in 2016’ list. His most recent appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ captivated the hearts of millions of viewers. Nyeeam holds the position of Youth Advocate Director for the FP YouthOutcry Foundation. The World’s Youngest DJ as pronounced by the Guinness Book of World Records – DJ Arch Junior – closed the event with a live mix. The enthusiastic crowd surrounded him during his performance as he closed the show.
DJ Arch Junior has had a passion for music since 2 years old and won South Africa’s Got Talent at 3 years old in 2015 and participated in America’s Got Talent 2019..
Ekandjo has assured that this will not be the last event of its kind.

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