Saturday 17 April 2021
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Stop sexing

Even the NDF guys are doing it but it’s not right. I know I’m the last person to be telling you to stop having sex especially when it has become my routine.

A friend of mine called me a whore because I have been a sex taxi recently. But you know what, call me whatever – at least I know my status.

There is something I want us to talk about today, it will be pure truth.

I understand most of you have been long diagnosed with the phobia for telling and believing the truth and the closest you have come to saying anything close to the truth was admitting that you are not a fool.

Its three months after the keDecember freebies so it’s time to see the doctor and find out if it was worth paying for.

Some of you were taken to the coast for N$40, others bought the private part while others just waited for her favourite wine to do the job.

The ‘panado’ surely worked so no December pregnancy and the time for possible having a 2019 baby has equally lapsed. Unless you will have a birth product like a Meriam Kachiken.

Let’s face it, Aids is real and it is taking so many lives. Even the innocent.

I know we came a bit late when common sense was free but it cannot continue this way.

Sex is so sweet, especially before marriage since most of you are not gonna get married anyways.

But it does not mean we should turn this into a joy ride. It does not mean we should open our legs to every idiot who knocks with blessings and night insurance.

It also does not mean we should stick our pipis at every hole we see open.

There are sick people out there who are very generous to share.

I know how smart you think you are. Stupid is she who goes to a club and gets picked up by some random thirsty idiot and ends up having sex.

Stupid is she who has random quickies with whoever is the guest of the night. Stupid is she who thinks condoms are only to prevent pregnancies.

Stupid is she who thinks a morning-after pill will solve the problem after a 40 evening.

Stupid is she who knows well that she has a weak password but refuses to carry her condoms. Sounds like that lesson you ditched in primary school.

And yes, there are equally stupid if not more arrogant men. Stupid is he who thinks looks are a mirror of health status. Stupid is he who thinks pulling out solves all problems.

Stupid is he who thinks having it quick and fast will not allow any transmission.

Stupid is he who trusts his instincts over reality.

Stupid is he who thinks firstly that he trusts women, and secondly has been showered with lies that women are cautious about their health. And finally, stupid is you.

My dear virgins, and those still on the negative side of their status, there are people out there who do not give a damn about their health and do not mind sharing.

Your innocence, the number of times you have had sex, the beauty in your partner and how well you know their parents will not save you.

Yes, life will eventually f*ck us all but do not take the lead in the f*cking of yourself.

I have had and still am having my fair share of sex, but just from my previous test results, I too am thinking of cutting the chain to at least two.

Yes, I’m trying my best. You just can’t expect me to let go of my women just like that at once.

I use condoms for two reasons: 1. kids are expensive and 2., life on medication is even worse.

I trust no woman whom I have not been with for testing. And even then, that trust only last for the hours that she is in sight. She is only loyal when she is around.

Lastly, I respect women who carry condoms. Call them whatever but chances are that they have dodged a bullet because of their cautiousness.

And yes, just in case they sleep with your boyfriend, at least there will be no lab follow-ups. Such women need balls and a trophy because they are selfish about their health.

Young brothers who suffer from the disability of keeping their pants up, our days are numbered.

So when you go out this weekend, be mindful that Aids has no poster child and many will not tell you where they stand.

Also, since there is not a cure and just because we have seemed to convince ourselves that it does not occur so much anymore, does not mean that we are right.

People are contracting it and dying from it still daily.

The only thing that has gotten better is the management of it.

If she takes off her pants at the same time with her undies, be worried.

If he does not mind going 40, then equally be worried.

For you madams who are not gonna ask me if I brought a condom – that is not how I die. I have my equipment sorted.

Yes we have rapid testing not only for HIV but many other STI’s, but that does not mean that we should be reckless.

The status quo hasn’t changed. The window period is still 3 months, if you have an STI you still will need to inform your partners so that they go get tested and treated too.

Just because we have convinced ourselves that we are the woke generation does not mean that it is true.

Sh*t is still real.
Go get tested…

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