Sunday 11 April 2021
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Mbumba’s position cosmetic – Venaani

Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) leader McHenry Venaani said the position of vice president is an unnecessary economic burden on a country that is already struggling financially.
Venaani said this when he briefed the media on Wednesday on what his party would do if elected into power during this year’s presidential and national assembly elections.
Venaani said that vice president Nangolo Mbumba has not done anything except to introduce President Hage Geingob at events.
Mbumba got elevated to the vice president’s position earlier last year for being the chief of Geingob’s ‘defence force’ in the run-up to the divisive Swapo elective congress in 2017.
He added that if he gets elected to the Namibian throne, he would abolish the vice president’s position within his first 100 days of office to ensure efficient governance and curtailing unnecessary expenditures.
He further stated that having both a Prime Minister and Vice President is a duplication of titles and a waste of unnecessary resources the country does not have.
“What has Nangolo Mbumba done since his appointment? Apart from introducing the president at events what other role does he have?
He has security details, his wife is being paid. We are going to cut his position in our first 100 days of office.
“We have a tendency of creating positions that are not intended to change anything. Nangolo Mbumba is my friend, I don’t have anything personal against him. Tell me, what policies has the Office of the vice president coordinated. Give me thematic areas in which the vice president was involved.
“He was never sent out to go and negotiate peace anywhere. He was never sent out to go and calm a crisis area. The country doesn’t need him. We have better more needs than to have an office that is nice to have and is not necessary to us,” he said.
There has been a lot of public displeasure subsequent to the creation of the vice president position following the constitutional amendments in 2014, however Geingob dispelled these talks saying his deputy then, Nickey Iyambo had a litany of responsibilities.
“The VP has many things to do. He is not ceremonial. He has day-to-day activities, problem solving tasks and many things under him,” the President explained.
Venaani also said that his administration will have 15 ministers and four deputy ministers.
Venaani also said during his first 100 days, the country’s embassies will also be reorganised and that they would improve on geo-political interests across the globe while cutting solidarity missions.
“We will conduct a full audit of the defence ministry to determine wasteful spending, corruptions and graft. “We will also align the functions of the security cluster including the army as well as the navy to community projects to infrastructure projects which will save government money in terms of buying labour.”

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