Saturday 10 April 2021
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Kitchen Chronicles

It sucks how one day you can feel all positive about life and the world and the next you are sitting crying into your soup.

The world is showing many of us flames, our countries are not doing so great and we are subconsciously effected by all the negative news and happenings around us.

I mean, how do you begin to stay positive and keep a smile on your face when on a day to day basis you see, read, hear a different negative thing has happened.  Sometimes the things you come across something involving a person who is really close to you, and because we are learning to ‘drink our (woolies) water and mind our business’, and we don’t gossip, so we just keep our mouths shut and keep it moving.
That time all that stuff is eating us up inside, because we actually really carry all that extra baggage around with us.

It feels like the economy is going down and we are drowning right alongside it, like what is actually really going on and how are we really going to cope with it all?
It seems like this economy hasn’t got any favourites either (well, except for the usual suspects), ‘cause even the sick and poor now, will not be able to get a little bit of tea or coffee in our state hospitals anymore, I mean what the literal …

Can we just hit the reset button? On it all. Let’s start over. Let’s go back to 1990. No 1980. No let’s go back to Eden, I think that is a good place to start ‘cause wow.  We are going through the most.

I never thought that I would say this, but miss the days the tenderpreneurs were driving in their big cars and having buckets full of Moet in the clubs, just leering at the young’uns and smiling predatorily when they each (the girls) reach for and pop a bottle with their teeth and do that ‘tsssshhhh’ thing that that other guy made famous.

Now the guys are just going out with 2 or 3 friends, the bucket is just full of corona, not a single chick in sight and they are legit splitting the bill… I’m not laughing, you’re laughing.

It’s sad though.  That ministry that is supposed to feed the people, are busy throwing food away when it is clear that we really actually need it. The others are busy lining their pockets selling things that they have no business selling, to the highest bidder.  So now not only will be hungry, our chances of a good environment so that we can recover what we are currently losing are also slim.
I get then why it would seem like an uphill struggle many a times, because it is almost like the deck is permanently stacked against you.  You have split a pair of aces, took a chance and you’re dealt a losing hand on both sides. And then it seems like you’re starting all over again, just trying to break even.

My advice is to never give up.  It’s not like we have a choice in the matter anyway. We have to keep pushing, keep keeping on, keep trying, keep at it until we win, because that is the one thing that is for sure. We will win, eventually. We have to. That is the one thing that has to keep us motivated and keep our spirits up, because how else are we going to make it through these dark days.

Lesbehonest, we’re sadly not going to get that restart on the whole country, continent or world. All we can and should do is put our heads down, and surge forth into the oncoming strong, blistering, cold and unrelenting winds, and pray for the best (expecting the worst).

Somebody was celebrating the 1st anniversary of their divorce at the coast recently and I think we should all just take life in our stride like that. Lemonade out of lemons type situation.

On another note, I have had this hankering for marathon chicken for the longest time and I finally managed to get my hands on some. I am making it a la Thina with my own special herbs and flavours and I hope it doesn’t turn out terribly while I sit in front of this computer, minions wouldn’t be too impressed with that because the way I described it to them it is supposed to be like manna from heaven.

Find what gives you comfort and joy and is not destructive and spend some time with that. If it is books, music, cooking, walking, series, whatever; take the time to divert your attention from the bad, sad and evil in the world and give yourself a break from it all.

When you lift up your eyes again, it will feel like you have taken a break from it all, even for a little time, and give you the fortitude to forge forward once more.

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