Saturday 17 April 2021
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‘Ask Kahimise why I am not back’- Kanime

Eleven months and two weeks after City Police poster cop Abraham Kanime got suspended, an executive directive issued President Hage Geingob and questions abound as to when he will serve his first day back at work.
Kanime who had been City Police head since its formation in 2011, was suspended on 27 March 2018 on allegations of misusing public funds when he authorised the payment of his own legal fees with city funds for a law suit against the municipality.
His suspension followed a meeting with Namibian Police Inspector-General, Sebastian Ndeitunga and other top officials from Namibian Police, Namibian Defence Force and Namibia Correctional Service.
Impeccable sources who attended the high-level meeting said it was City of Windhoek mayor Muesee Kazapua and beleaguered chief executive officer Robert Kahimise’s brainchild to get rid of Kanime who commanded the municipal police with an iron fist.
At the time, Ndeitunga refused to be drawn into the allegations of being one of architectures of Kanime’s suspension challenging anyone with evidence to come forth.
Despite the city councillors being ordered by President Hage Geingob to reinstated both Kanime and Kahimise, Kanime still sits at home while his counterpart is back in the office.
Kanime’s suspension divides the Swapo dominated city council with some councillors wanting Kanime to be reinstated while some believe that he should not be reinstated until his disciplinary hearing is completed.
Councillors claim they have no jurisdiction to reinstate Kanime because he has been suspended by Kahimise.
“Kanime’s suspension is the baby of the CEO, not council. He (Kahimise) is now trying to make it seem as council issue. He should take the blame for the continued suspension of Kanime. When councillor Shiikwa (Moses) last year queried the unreasonable continued suspension, he was accused of interference and tribalism and that he is a Kanime councillor but the truth is he was concerned about the unreasonable continued suspension and ultra vires exercise of power by the CEO,” one of the councillors spoke anonomously.
Contacted for comment, Kanime confirmed that he is not back to work but referred the questions to the Kahimise.
“You should ask the CEO. He should know why I am still not back to work.”
He added that since his suspension he has been at his village where he had not been for nearly 40 years.
In January this year, before the Geingob’s intervention, City of Windhoek corporate legal advisor, Ben Ngairorue, had written to the council in January suggesting that Kanime’s suspension be lifted, but the opinion was allegedly rejected by Mayor Muesee Kazapua.
In the letter, Ngairorue said there are no compelling grounds to keep the Head of City Police on further suspension given the fact that the investigation has long been completed and the disciplinary process has commenced without any incident of potential labour unrest or interference with the witnesses.
“The power to suspend and lift the suspension is discretionary in terms of the Police Service Regulation and can be exercised by the Chief Executive Officer.
For the reasons advanced, I advise that the Chief Executive Officer lift the said suspension of Chief Kanime and allow the ongoing disciplinary process to be dispensed with,” Ngairorue wrote.
Ngairorue’s opinion followed a letter by city councillor Moses Shiikwa, last September questioning Kahimise whether Kanime’s suspension was not tantamount to victimisation or constructive dismissal. Ngairorue confirmed having prepared the opinion, but refused to go into details.
This week the city’s human capital and corporate services chief George Mayumbelo refused to entertain questions regarding Kanime’s suspension saying the right person to ask is Kahimise.
“I think the right person to answer that question is the head of the organisation because he is the one who suspended him and he is the one who is running his disciplinary hearing,” he said.
Asked why Kanime is still on suspension, Kahimise who was also on suspension for allegedly by-passing procedures when his study loan of €31,650 (N$534,203) was approved only by the former Chairperson of the Management Committee, Mathew Amadhila, on 21 February, said the President’s directive is pending Council resolution.
The matter appeared before Council on 28 February and these minutes await confirmation on 28 March before he (Kahimise) implements the Council decision.
He also added that the city has not engaged Kanime since Geingob’s directive.
“City will only engage Chief Kanime early April,” he said but he refused to give updates of Kanime’s disciplinary hearing saying that “this remains an internal matter.”
Asked for Swapo’s position on the matter, Swapo secretary general Sophia Shaningwa referred the questions to the councillors.
“Ask the councillors, they are the one dealing with the issue.”

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