Saturday 10 April 2021
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Why are Professional Black Female Millennial’s always so angry?

The triple jeopardy of being a black female from an arbitrary construct that is referred to as a subordinate socio-economic stratum, has been touted by ‘behavioral analysts’ as a reason to explain and justify the aggressive and hostile nature of black females in general and Professional Black Female Millennial’s in particular.
Socio-economic strata’s or class systems were designed to create a value system through which human beings can identify and oppress one another.
At the very top we have the rich and at the bottom we have the poor.
Although we all breathe the same air and bleed the same blood.
Share the same feelings of sadness and happiness, grief and sorrow, joy and pain.
Somehow those who learnt earlier how to conquer through ideas, drilled into the minds of those who were less fortunate, how to view themselves only as part of a whole and how to determine their value and the value of others based on what they owned and how much they earned.
This has become the psychological predicament of the black female who sees only oppression by profession, race, gender and generation, in which they were born, as the common narrative.
Disregarding how empowered they actually are compared to other groups such as white women and black males.
Affirmative action laws and empowerment clauses in the legal framework have given black females an advantage over her male counterpart and white female’s altogether.
An analysis on managerial positions and executive positions within state owned enterprises paint a picture of black women rising to the top of income earnings.
In politics of the Namibian ruling party there has been a seismic shift in voting patterns that has seen women attain the highest number of votes at national and regional level.
Despite all the advances that black females have made in the socio-economic arena they still view themselves as an oppressed interest group.
Oppressed by whom and by what is a question worth pursuing.
Historical injustices meted out against black females cannot be ignored.
But when the past is used as an excuse for anti-social behavior and vindictive behaviour in the present, it cannot be ignored without question.
A mob of social justice warriors who make use of the internet to advance ideas such as mansplaining and #Men are trash to alienate anybody who holds alternative views that are contradictory to those of their group leaders, have come to symbolize how the oppressed eventually become the oppressors.
When twitter feminists proclaim that the ‘future is female’ and ‘believe the victim’, it should send shivers down everybody’s spine that a man can be provoked by a woman he is in a relationship with and be called all sorts of names.
But when he reacts and defends himself he is labeled an abuser. “What does dignity do in the face of insult?”
Discovering one’s self worth requires a connection with a God of your own understanding on an individual level.
A lot can be achieved through the collective but spiritual enlightenment requires an individual to understand themselves through their relationship with their creator and then within their relationship with their fellow man.
Professional black female millenials are the most advanced group of individuals in terms of income at a very young age.
But despite this privileged position in society they are the most insecure, vulgar and hostile group.
Willing to launch a verbal assault on an issue as frivolous as their daughter not going on a high school hockey excursion and ignoring the fact that the daughter has been promoted to a senior hockey team and is not eligible to tour with her previous team.
A white woman was dragged on social media and referred to as a racist although she was just carrying out her duties as hockey coach.
When the truth was uncovered the white woman was told to swallow the bitter pill of forgiveness without an apology. While the professional black female millennial was let-off scot free to troll other people in her firing line.
Is this fair? Is it just that Professional Black Female Millennials can get away with the most heinous anti-social behavior and receive applause for it?
Black men have found themselves at the periphery of social discourse.
Alienated from mainstream participation on subject matter of interest such as what happens to young boys if only young girls are entitled to empowerment.
A question along those lines can draw the wrath of the Professional Black Female Millennial as being misogynist and promoting male superiority and patriarchal culture. If men cannot speak openly about their insecurities concerning their place in the world, who will speak up for them?
Perhaps the girls who run the world! The future indeed is female.
Imagine living in a world ruled by vindictive women who view vengeance as the ultimate form of justice. How will men survive knowing the past injustices served upon females have come full circle and will be meted out against them without fear or favour?
What happens when the oppressed becomes the oppressor?

Vitalio Angula is a socio-political commentator and independent columnist.

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