Monday 12 April 2021
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UCL Trophy touches Namibian Soil

7 March 2019 was a day for many Namibian football fanatics to remember as Manchester United Football Club player Nemanja Vidić paid Namibia a visit.
The visit was followed byto the UEFA Champions League Trophy and Ambassador Tour which was proudly presented by Heineken. The occasion took place at the Windhoek Country Club Resort.
Memorabilia was on display in the venue where the occasion took place. This include signed football T-Shirts and kits by different legends of the game such as: Roche Locke, Master of the Ceremony described the event as an “unmissable moment in football and the world’s most international brewer” and “one to be remembered for a very  long time.”
Vidić who entered the venue with the 2018 UEFA Champions League Trophy received a warm and Namibian welcome with loads of cheers.
“The trophy is a huge aspiration for footballers. To win it is to touch it, to kiss it, to hold it, to raise it above your head and celebrate your achievement. One that very few can ever manage,” Locke said.
Welcoming Vidić to the podium for a chat, Locke described him as ‘Serbian hard man, Manchester United’s Skipper and defensive rock’.
He was also regarded by his former teammate Ryan Giggs as the best defender he has ever played with.
Vidić expressed that he was glad to be in Namibia. “I would like to thank UEFA and Heineken for being a part of this great event. I am looking forward to spend some time with you guys,” he said.
Vidić explained that how impressed he is with Namibia saying that the country is very clean and that he has been enjoying his stay so far.

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