Saturday 17 April 2021
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Mutumba set for USA diplomatic post

Development Bank of Namibia Corporate Communication head Jerome Mutumba has been appointed as a Minister Counsellor to the Namibian Embassy in Washington DC in the United States of America.
Seeking confirmation, The Patriot congratulated Mutumba on his new appointment and after expressing gratitude, he then pleaded ignorance about his appointment.
The first appointment of its kind, Mutumba said that only those with appointing powers can confirm whether he has been appointed or not.
Ministry of International Relations and Corporation Executive Director, Ambassador Selma Ashipala-Musavyi confirmed the appointment saying Mutumba will be replacing a deputy director of the international relations ministry, who has completed her posting and will be returning to the ministry.
Ashipala-Musavyi said that Mutumba will deputize the ambassador in carrying out diplomatic representational duties.
“He or she (in that position) carries out tasks entrusted to him or her by the Ambassador.
In the case of Washington DC, the Counsellor will be responsible mainly for political reporting as well as assisting the Ambassador with economic diplomacy,” the executive director said.
She added that the Counsellor will take charge of diplomatic representation, should the Ambassador the country be absent from the country.
This appointment comes months after speculation on social media that Mutumba would be rewarded with a diplomatic posting on the basis of his close relationship with President Hage Geingob.
It is not yet certain when the communication specialist will take up his diplomatic duties as the ministry is waiting for him to complete his preparations.
The Patriot has been informed that he already bid farewell to his colleagues at the Development Bank of Namibia and that a farewell party was hosted in his honour during the course of last week.
The communication specialist who serves on a number of boards such as the Namibia Student Financial Assistance Fund, has no diplomatic experience and will be joining Namibia’s Ambassador to United States of America Monica Nashandi, different councillors and Secretaries.


The Namibian diplomatic staff in the USA currently consists of Political Counsellor, Helena Gray; Commercial Counsellor (trade and investment) Freddie !Gaoseb; Defense Attache Colonel Amupolo Shikongo; First Secretary (economic, social and consular) Esther Mwoombola; First Secretary (Political) Sylvester Muchila; Second Secretary (administration and finance) Egeria Ruiters and Third Secretary Claudia Mbetjiha who is the Ambassador’s secretary.
Mutumba was appointed in terms of was appointed in terms of Article 32, (3c) of the Namibian Constitution that provides that the President has the power, to amongst other, appoint diplomatic representatives and other diplomatic officers, consuls and consular officers.

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