Saturday 10 April 2021
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Kitchen Chronicles

What a time to be alive… Wow! These are truly exciting times hey?  In the shortest period of time these past few days we’ve had one person caught on tape doing a ‘Jordan’ jump to punch repeatedly on his partner, another bawling and losing his cool when confronted about his paedophilic ways and more video of said abusee seemingly having a ‘freedeom party’ after she got out of reach from her alleged abuser.
In even more disturbing news we have seen how money that was meant to give hope, usefulness and financial freedom to the youth of this country has been deliberately squandered and literally thrown to the wind (or the wolves, as it were). These people just lined their own and their friends’ pockets and thought nothing of it, that time our country is going through the absolute worst.
We saw how out of (possibly) desperation, some guys robbed a bank in Otjiwarongo.  I am just here thinking though that their informant (they must have had one) was very deliberate about not telling them about the location of those camera’s, cause wow.
Guys are probably on their way to Angola or the other way by now. And don’t think we don’t see how many people are applauding these things.  We are watching you closely to see if suddenly you also suddenly had a supposed windfall.  One lady said, ‘I wish I was one of theirs girlfriend’ [*facepalm].
Something that I have been reading with some interest is the situation of the person who killed their spouse.  Like, why go to such lengths?  I’ve always wondered how a conversation like that would start though?  The lover says the person suggested it to him and a sibling; how?
Are you guys sitting around the dinner table, having a good meal and the conversation of murder if tactfully brought up by one of the participants in the conversation and then it just flows naturally until the end of the night, or how?  ‘Cause from the initial discussion to implementation of the plan, something must have had to happen. And is there any hesitation when the time has now arrived for implementation? If I read between the lines and make a few assumptions, it would seem that the person was somehow influenced by his suiker mammie and he wanted to impress her. They went as far as to move the corpse (how do you even do that?) then the guy sat on it (wow!) while he drove it outside of town to set the car alight.
I can’t wrap my head around it, like, when you are in that moment, do you kind of go on autopilot and are moving mechanically, going through the motions or how now?
Also, how do you keep that secret for so many years?  Because now, or rather eventually (7 days later), you both got locked up, you don’t see each other anymore and now there is no one to commiserate with you anymore.
Then you still wait like more than 5 years to finally spill your guts… Does your conscience not eat you alive?  Dude says he did it out of love, met on social media, fell head over heels, etc etc. Nou sit julle op die selfde tyd in the tjoekie, daar is niks meer se ge-facebook om meer verlief op mekaar te raak nie en die storie het teen een van julle gedraai. I suppose we will now see the true colours of all involved.
I would hate to be the attorney on any side of this fight tbh.


There’s a common thread that runs through all of these scenario’s, though, and we can see all sides of it being played out for us all to see right in the public eye and on the news outlets.
It is all about power: who has it, who wants it, and who is willing to do the most to maintain that power.
Some are willing to physically assault the person whom they believe to be weaker, and when that person finally realises that they have power too, their abuser is taken aback and attacks in a different way.
Some week out the youngest and most vulnerable people they can think of and use them in ways which I suppose they think they can normalise, using the power of their status to somehow brainwash their victims.

Some are willing to pocket money that is meant for the bettering of lives in an exertion of their own power, to bleed a whole institution dry and with it the hopes of hundreds of thousands of people and never once considering that they will be exposed and will face the consequences of their actions.

Others are taking matters drastically and violently into their own hands, literally risking their own lives and freedom because they have no power and are enticed to take it by force. There’s scripture in Matt 11:12 that says “from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force.”  I don’t think this is what it means though.

There are yet others who are so drunk on their power that they command even murder and possibly, had things turned out differently, would have benefitted in many different ways and been able to exert even more power over a faithful disciple.

Power is addictive.  Those who have it often thirst for more and those who have none either strive to get some in any way possible, or are all too eager to bow to those who do and everyone loses in the end.

We end up in situations like what we have now.  Every single person in your circle if affected.  Spouses, children, extended family, business associates, everybody is tainted by the deed that you wilfully and eagerly performed and while you may sit with your head in your hands or with an eventual gun in your hands, the suffering and pain you have caused will have far-reaching and permanent consequences.
“With great power comes great responsibility” as Spider-Man says. Let’s not be in a rush to garner that power, especially in a morally and lawfully wrong way, and should we acquire it, may we treat it with the respect it deserves.

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