Wednesday 3 March 2021
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Vice-Chancellor position to be advertised again

The Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) council yesterday decided to keep long-serving boss Tjama Tjivikua at the helm of the institution until June following interviews for the vice-chancellor position that did not successfully provide a replacement.
The Patriot understands that council concluded that none of the applicants that applied for the VC position were successful and consequently this position will be re-advertised.
These candidates for the position were Abraham Ogwu, Dr Otlogetswe Totolo, Said Irandoust and two Namibians Erold Naomab and Frednand Gideon, both from the University of Namibia.
The Patriot is reliably informed that rejection letters are being drafted on the instruction of council for the five applicants.
Before the verdict of the interview results, The Patriot was dependably informed that the Namibian applicants topped the scorecards from the interview.
It remains perplexing how council now decided that neither of the two, or any of the other applicants made it. Just last week, a source observed that there exists significant maneuvering at the institution by forces who seek to maintain the status quo.
The source had informed this publication that the masterplan, which is being driven by those close to Tjivikua, was to maintain the out-of-contract Tjivikua’s hold on power.
The decision to keep Tjivikua on was thus a masterplan unfolding from the onset and allegations are now making rounds that there were no genuine intentions to find a successor.
One of the two Namibians interviewed Frednand Gideon said he had not been informed on the outcome of the interview by yesterday but remains critical of the happenings.
“I have not been informed yet. However, I am told by someone that the position will be re-advertised, but I do not intend to apply again.
I’m running an institution at a higher level but I apparently don’t qualify. So let’s leave it there,” he said.
He added “it’s energy draining. When people don’t have trust in you, you will end up exposing your integrity.
You need to leave with something, so let it be.”
When put to the Minister of Higher Education, Dr Itah Kandjii-Murangi refused to shed light on the outcome referring this journalist to the NUST council.
“I’m not aware of the results, the best would be for you to ask the council,” she said.
Questions sent to Mass Garder, the Registrar to council were not responded to by the time this publication went to print.
The Patriot is informed that the panel who conducted the interview was comprised of panelists Linda Ipinge, Goms Minnete, Schimming-Chase, Salomo Mbai and Michael Hamavindu although Hamavindu did not sit through-out the entire process.
In October last year The Patriot interviewed the chairperson of the NUST council and asked Schimming-Chase whether Tjivikua would stay on, she confirmed that, “The Vice Chancellor has NO intention to continue as Vice Chancellor. He is officially NOT in the running for the position of Vice Chancellor. He will NO LONGER be vice Chancellor after his term ends.
However, he will continue in the position of ACTING VICE CHANCELLOR until a new Vice Chancellor is  appointed.” Towards the end of 2018 an extension was granted for Tjivikua to remain until June but after intervention by the minister of Higher Education an agreement was reached for Tjivikua to leave at end March 2019.

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