Monday 19 April 2021
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Sanlam awards bursaries to deserving Namibians

Since 2002, over 50 students have benefited from the bursary scheme with more than N$2 million having been invested in the scheme.
The bursary scheme aims to reward well performing but disadvantaged Namibian students with an opportunity to pursue their dreams in tertiary education. It also aims to make a significant contribution to the country by developing the much needed skills in the Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Business Administration and Actuarial Science fields.
It is reported that a number of the students who have benefited from the scheme have ventured into their own business and employed other Namibians, while others have become employees of Sanlam and other companies. This initiative has been helpful in providing employment for a number of Namibians.
Sanlam CEO Tertius Stears explained that education remains to be the greatest equalizer and those without it would be left behind.
“It is a fact that our education system is facing enormous challenges which prevent the Namibian child to access quality education,” said Stears.
He added that despite the various initiatives launched by Government, the Namibian child still struggles to afford tertiary education.
Stears continued to explain that the Government cannot tackle these burdens alone, which is where various stakeholders such as Sanlam step in.
Statin Siebritz, a recipient of the bursary delivered an emotional vote of thanks on the behalf of all recipients to the Sanlam team for the opportunity. “I would like to take this time to express my thanks to Sanlam for your generosity and your support towards students such as myself who simply needed a financial boost to accomplish our dreams,” he said.
“I and my fellow recipients are aware that being afforded this opportunity, we are already headed for a great future supplemented with enriching education. This award, thanks to the kindness of Sanlam will increase our chances of success.” Siebritz continued.
The bursary awardees are: Miryam Haufiku who is studying for a Bachelor of Computer Science at Namibia University of Science and Technology, Vilho David Nakalemo studying at University of Namibia for a Bachelor of Science Information Technology, Alina Gervasius who is also an intern at Sanlam is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Accounting at University of Namibia, Statin Siebritz is also a bursary holder who is working towards a Bachelor in Computer Science at Namibia University of Science and Technology.
Clemens Nuunyango is also striving for the same degree as Siebritz at the same university.
Lastly, Fredy Lineekela Embashu is studying for a Bachelor of Science-Applied Mathematics and Statistics degree at Namibia University of Science and Technology.

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