Saturday 27 February 2021
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Mutjavikua mum on NUNW’s resignation call

Erongo regional governor Cleophas Mutjavikua has not responded to a call by the National Union of Namibia Worker’s (NUNW) to resign.
He is under pressure from NUNW to step down after he was recorded while having a meeting with the Husab mine management where he allegedly suggested them to use a clause in the Labour Act, to lay off people according to a press statement.
The meeting took place at the coast this week.
Mutjavikua is part of the wage negotiation team at the mine where the workers have downed tools citing concerns over their safety in light of claims that unchecked explosives and detonators were discovered at the pit. The governor is overheard in a voice recording suggesting the management of the mine cancels the recognition agreement between the Erongo region based mine and the 500 workers who stopped working at the beginning of last week.
After the recording went viral on social media, the leadership of the NUNW spearheaded by secretary-general Job Muniaro called a press conference on Wednesday this week to condemn the governor and call for his head asking President Hage Geingob to fire him.
In his three page statement Muniaro, said the rights of the workers in the mining sector in the Erongo region had been tampered with by the governor and his friends at the mine.
“The NUNW are condemning the action and re-organising advices of the governors to Husab to look for ways to reduce the condition.
If employment of Namibian workers are understood wrongly then, the governor has it the other way round by advancing unemployment to the Namibians.”
“In fact he does not need to be fired, he must resign and join unemployed people he has been sending home. Now we know that he had advanced all the retrenchments that have been going on at the mines in Erongo region.”
He added that Mutjavikua is not fit to be a leader because he is telling people to lie, while accusing him of being a pathological liar who is destroying the economy of the country which is already on its knees.
“Now we know that all the joblessness was caused by him. He cannot carry my trust anymore. He is not trustworthy.
He failed the workers and he must carry that failure until we bury him.
These are the people who go to the President [Hage Geingob] and say the union does not like you. I will not stop fighting until Mutjavikua resign, if he is not resigning then the president should fire him.
Asked whether he is going to resign or not as requested by the NUNW leadership, Mutjavikua refused to comment on the the demand made by NUNW asking whether Muniaro was going to resign for not paying union workers. He also accused him of running the federation down the drain.
“NUNW secretary general is not paying workers at the NUNW, is he going to resign?
Is Muniaro going to resign for running NUNW down the drains?” he asked.
Husab mine is a partnership between Namibia and China of which 10 percent is held by the Namibian State owned Epangelo mining company and 90 percent by Taurus Minerals Limited.
Thousands of mine workers have been retrenched in recent years, and the Mineworkers Union of Namibia (MUN) has since called on government to intervene and investigate retrenchments in the mining industries as it believes the reasons given by mines to retrench employees are not good enough.
Last year about 94 employees at Tantalie Mine in Warmbad were said to have lost their jobs while about 1800 job losses were expected in the mining sector countrywide by September last year.

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