Saturday 15 May 2021
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Silence leads towards a State without integrity and justice

In recent years, the world has had a fill of politics without ethics and mainly without truth. Particularly, from the time that Donald Trump took over the presidential seat of the USA. This is one single administration that has outperformed any other when it comes to creating alternative facts.
While Trump’s administration serves as a modern example of politics without ethics, what about our own situation back home? How is Namibia progressing on that front?
Since the abrogation of the apartheid system many of us have been looking forward to a more just society. In the last three decades, such dreams are but just fantasies. As far as justice is concerned, we’ve made huge strides towards becoming a progressively unjust society. Evidenced by increasing poverty margins, powerlessness and hopelessness in the masses; contrasted by narrowing wealth and power of the elite protected by legal structures.
We continue to witness an increasing refusal by the elected government to listen to the electoral and delivering less on its campaign promises. Other than seeing the public as voting implements, the political elite have lo st the plot of working towards helping the poor and vulnerable to be fully human.
Even though we’ve signed many agreements with the promise of enabling human dignity (by bettering the socio-economic conditions), the practical aspect of these agreements haven’t been anything short of socio-political disaster.
Surely, we’ve successfully created a small group of socio-political and socio-economic elites and have ignored to create a just society. But continue to witness an exponential breaking of public promises in order to maintain these elitist structures that a furthering injustice. Not only is there an elitist political protection of injustice, the injustice is the logical outcome of lack of integrity.
Let me point to situations of evident public dishonesty and deceit. When the economy started falling apart due to unnecessarily large government administration, government spin a story to tell the public that it was due to high wages.
But wouldn’t own up that the new administration brought an increased financial burden that was affecting the country. To make matters worse, both the President and his minister of finance denied that the country was going broke.
The economy has definitely taken a downward turn but then (in 2018) came the minister of finance again, to tell us that we weren’t facing a recession.
This year, few days ago, the same minister who has been internationally hailed for his financial prudency, told the public our national debt has skyrocketed. While we were still processing the national debt, Mr. Schlettwein came and told us that we needed to borrow more money from Germany for development projects (we’re yet to see the development projects of the Chinese money).
Under Tate Pohamba, the public was promised mass affordable housing, we saw the start of the project and it died.
While funding has been made available to create more government offices and positions, there’s no funds to provide the most basic commodity of decent housing for the citizens. This is a problem that faces us since independence but it has becoming a campaigning tool, when it supposed to be an issue of justice.
We observe these growing trends public dishonesty and injustice, but many have made the very oppression an ally.
They stand in public to blow false trumpets of praise when all evidence points in the opposite direction.
We’re headed towards a state without integrity and justice. Why should this get us worried? Because the public will be used as pawns to enable the continuation of injustice.
For example, the borrowing of money in the name of development projects which never materialise is but one key aspect of the lack of integrity. Always being presented a new project to continue the socio-economic onslaught on the most vulnerable of our society.
The public isn’t totally innocent, many of us have opted for hopelessness to a point of surrendering ourselves to these destructive political forces.
We fail to speak out and resist injustice, we’ve allied with the very forces that have continued to oppress us. Our indolence of mind and will is the reason politicians have embarked on selling us false dreams, project and promises, year after year. They’ve realised our sheepish attitude towards life and simply capitalised on it.
There’s need for a new public consciousness that can tell deceit and refuse to be used for the progress of a selected few and their agendas. Our silence as the public and refusal to participate in the politics, is the very attitude that gives power to these kinds of abuses.
Especially, those who sit in their comfortable homes convincing themselves that they have nothing to do with the politics – you’re part of the problem. If we as citizens don’t make our voices heard, it’ll be taken for agreement.
The outcome would be continued oppression through lies, deceit, alternative facts etc and we’d have been participants in the making of such a society.

Disclaimer: These are my own opinions and do not represent the views of my employer or its associate.

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