Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Oil your beard

During the early morning hours before sunrise and while the dew is still forming on the leaves, seven of the most beautiful Namibian women bottle Namib Beard Pride oils drop by drop. It then gets sealed with that morning freshness and gets shipped to its designated destinations.

Beards have been the way to go for men for some time now and of course with it came beard care. If Marco Peters’ thoughts above are anything to go by, the process is more fairy-like than anything else.

Creating a beard care range became a reality when Marco stopped shaving in November 2015 and by 2016 had run out of the beard oil he had been gifted by his sister.  He then proceeded to create his own oil as a hobby.

When he received positive feedback from those close to him, he began working on a logo which he wanted to link to the Namibian map and by March 2016 he had decided on a name and started production with the help of his flatmate at the time Paul Scheepers, as well as launching a Facebook page and website in June of the same year.

The launch was very well received and a huge success and then an expansion into retail started.  “Getting into the market was more of an adventure than a challenge. After the successful launch people started contacting us for stock for their shops. The biggest challenge was keeping up with all orders.”

These days Namib Beard Pride oils can be found at Super Spar Grove mall, Hochland Spar, Westlane Spar, The Jetty Shoppe Walvis Bay, Man cave collections in Swakopmund and even as far in Germany.  Much to their surprise, a German shop owner made contact and asked for the oils to be exported to that country. “It’s quite exhilarating when you see your product on international markets,” says Peters.

Namib Beard Pride also has a cap range that is also quite successful and a source of pride for its creator when he sees his caps being worn in public.

The company also gives back to the community and recently held a fund-raiser event at Windhoek High School for the benefit of conservation in Namibia.  With the assistance of Hollard Namibia and NBL, the event was a tremendous success.

“Usually the women are quite happy for the men and support them quite well, getting them Beard oils and products is always filled with excitement. We usually say ‘ladies, if your man has a beard raise your hand, if he doesn’t, raise your standards,'” quips Marco. (sic)

When asked about the ingredients in the oils he assures that all products are 100% natural and carrier oils are sourced locally and internationally goes into his liquid gold.

“What started as a hobby turned into a profitable business. I try to still donate some of the funds toward conservation but am also using finds to source new products for the men.”

Marco is a sales representative for a major pharmaceutical company and a member of SCAN (Snake Conservation Association of Namibia) which removes snakes from residential properties and releases them back into the wild.

He is also an entrepreneur and constantly prospecting for new opportunities.

“Other than that, I like to braai with my friends and spend time with my lovely wife or I do gardening, watching series or I just laze around.”

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