Friday 18 June 2021
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‘Kanakameme’ recruitment continues at defense ministry

A whistleblower within the Ministry of Defense has sounded the alarm over nepotically-designed recruitment at the ministry. It is alleged that favoured candidates within the ministry were provided with a scope and memo of both a written and oral interviews that took place last week at the ministry to put them in pole position to the scoop jobs smoothly.
It is alleged that three female employees at the ministry were fully briefed and prepared for the two available senior public relations positions and one media officer vacancy.
It is unfortunate that one of the preferred candidates left her desk unattended when the documents she was using to prepare for the interview turned out to be the exact memo for both the written and oral interview test.
The ministry beset by an unwritten secrecy code announced the vacancies in the public relations department and it is alleged that some personnel were told by the department heads that they would not be allowed to apply for the senior position, even when they had the right credentials.
The Patriot is in possession of papers which are in actual sense questions and answers which the three ladies used to prepare for their interview.
“It is unfair for us to go to school to get qualifications and later be told that we cannot apply for jobs. At the same time, some are being wheel-barrowed into positions because of reasons only known by those who want them in those positions.”
“But the sad and corrupt thing is knowing that these ladies were given memos for the interview. We managed to steal some papers and it appeared that it was a memo with questions and answers. These girls were literally given the question paper and answers for the written and oral interview. We don’t know how they were given but they both had these papers in their position,” shared an aggrieved source.
When first put to the Public Relations Officer of the ministry Petrus Shilumbu, he said the allegations were news to his desk and confirmed that there was no such arrangement orchestrated to provide a scope of the interview to the applicants.
After initially denying that both the written and oral tests had the same questions as in the  evidence at the publication’s disposal, The Patriot sent the evidence to Shilumbu after which he changed his ordeal on the matter.
In a text message he responded saying, “Some of the questions were part of the test and the interview for the entry position for media officer but not all of them. But this appears to prove that the person was preparing for the interview by anticipating the possible questions that are likely to be asked of which most of such information can be retrieved from the ministerial website and Facebook.”
In closing, he then agreed that the evidence send to him indeed contained some questions that were part and parcel of the interview but there are others which are not.
“There was nothing like a person was given a leak of the interview. As far as I know, the interview was credible,” said Shilumbu.
It is also alleged that two of the current beneficiaries of one-sided nepotism remain questionable how they became part of the ministry’s payroll.
The source who spilled the beans with The Patriot said the two became part of the ministry through links to the powers in the hierarchy.
“One is the daughter of a late colonel while the other’s mother works in the Human Resources. There were nor advertisements for their positions and even if you ask the ministry, they will not be able to prove it,” said the source.
When put to Shilumbu, the public relations officer refused to share details on the recruitment of the two staff members.
“Let the source provide you with that information. Since he came to complain to you, he must tell you everything. There are structures that he can follow and it actually shows indiscipline of your source. So let him tell you everything.”
“Why is the question of recruitment coming only now when they were recruited years ago? If the member had problem with that recruitment, they should come through the right structures. As for now, it is up to me to dictate what I tell you and what I will not.”
Contrary to the increased requirement for accountability as articulated by the Head of State, it seems the ministry is set to make the relevant appointments soon seeing that the interviews have already been conducted.
The aggrieved source threatened that if the ministry does not freeze the positions, they will see to it that their complaints are heard by the Ombudsman.

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