Sunday 11 April 2021
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If women love trash

Man kills lover, commits suicide. Man sabs girlfriend and surrenders to police. Man kills three, rapes grandmother and turns himself over.

It’s February and we have taken 8 lives so far. Including grannies and children.

I’ve insulted and said everything under the sun to possibly just switch on your mind and make you think of the importance and value of life but it seems nothing will change. Dear men, I’m a man for today, let’s talk and I mean, let’s have a genuine and honest conversation.

We need to move away from the space of thought where discussions like this are seen as a popularity contest. What the f*** is wrong with us?

How many more lives are we planning to take before there is no one else besides that of your mother. But because we are even raping senior citizens and babies now, it seems no one is safe in the shadow of men anymore.

I’m not talking to those who already committed suicide or those who tried and failed. I am talking to you playing all innocent and telling yourself that “things happen.

I don’t know about you guys but if there is something I will never give you or the graves of this world, it’s my life. At least not voluntarily. I love the chain of life because it continues after every dumping. If you do not have a purpose in life, I hear Nguvi is a side-chick, soccer-ball-full prophetes, so get her number and become a born-again. She may even prophesy that your calling is to harvest flies. At least that will save our ladies.

If she cheated, it means she never intended to stay. You probably never made her happy. If she was in it for the money, maybe she realised that your bank account could not keep her by your side. Maybe you were too busy not giving her attention and there was someone else like myself doing you the favour. Maybe you are just not the one any more.

“But she said she loves me.” Idiot, they all say that – just like you. Even your own parents lied to you at some point, what would make you exempted from the norm? It’s not rocket science, if she is not the one, she will eventually go, not even a bullet will keep her by your side. It’s sad, but true.

But I guess you lie to yourself, “I cannot live without her”. Even my friends in Ward 16 will laugh at you during their restful state. For goodness sake, you are 27 years old and you wanna tell the world that you cannot live any longer because of a relationship that lasted for merely three Heroes Day celebrations? What the hell got you to that age before you met her? Walk away, eat the same sh*t and start over again. She is not your mother.

If you love her so much, why not let her go so she seeks for happiness elsewhere? Why not let her find someone whom she will be happy with? Or do you now want to have a one-sided relationship?

If she is not happy, let her go. Believe me, you will get someone better who probably loves you more. Take it from me. Today I see some of my exes getting married and it puts a smile on my face seeing them happy. Minus one side-chick for me.

Do not be so selfish and decide to take her with you. Go alone if that’s the case. What happens to your child? Does she grow up without parents now that you are all gone? I guess if that were the case you would not be in this world either.

Do not even dare tell the world that she chopped your money. If so, why did you not go to the police the moment she placed a knife to your neck demanding for money? Your case does not stand. It’s a relationship and not an investment. Take it from me, purchased love has an expiration date. Besides, what’s worse, being called a coward, poephol or sitting in jail for the rest of your life taking a shower from a house pipe with LifeBuoy soap and eating a spoon of Morvite for dinner? But you don’t even deserve the cells.

I am busy drafting a MfK-style punishment proposal for all you guys who are slaughtering our women to hand to Oom Ndeitunga. Murderers will become wheelchair material and all the parts of your body used to commit the crime will be amputated. For rapists, the same will be replicated with your manhood. It’s simple, you will lose whatever you used to commit the crime.

Criminals like have no rights and if you want to defend them, I would like to see your face when they come for your daughter or rape your grandmother. We have lost enough nurses, pastors, students and side chicks. Hope my proposal gets all your signatures.

If you cannot handle being dumped, I hear gay people do not cheat as much. So you have loyalty there.

As for women; the warthog you are dating is not what you think he is.

The only true men are our father. Even if they gave you sperm-mothers and sister from other mothers, they never took a life. Otherwise you would not be here.

Those who are very defensive when called trash are trash and those who you think are not trash are also trash.

Don’t tell me your man is different, we are all trash and you love us. It’s just a matter of time before it comes out. If you don’t believe, ask the dead victims if the knife was ever part of their relationship. Even with the fake Men Conference, we are still loveable trash. But its time to really stop.

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