Monday 12 April 2021
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High Court upgrade finalisation still in limbo

The High Court will have to wait until April for the appointment of another contractor who will finish off upgrades left half done.
The High Court project came to a standstill when contractors Namibia Work Creation Enterprise (NWCE) CC failed to complete works. Their contract was formally terminated on 12 October 2018.
Works has since been abandoned and to date the face of the court has become an unresolved case, awaiting a way forward.
According to the line ministry, about 60% of construction work was done when it came to a standstill, hence a need to complete the remaining 40%.
“This tender was advertised in our local media during the period of November 2018 to 9 January 2019. The process to choose the successful bidder is still under way and this process will be done by April this year, and subsequently announce the successful bidder who will be finishing our high court building,” said Public Relations officer Simon Idipo of the Ministry of Justice.
Idipo said the Ministry of Justice did its utmost best to speed up the process under discussion, through vigorous consultations with all the relevant stakeholders involved in the project.
According to the ministry, the project cost for the High Court entails an estimated total amount of N$57 million.
The ministry could not share the exact figure it incurred in terms of losses following the termination of its initial contract with Namibia Work Creation Enterprise and whether there were penalties to that effect.
This is because the contractor was only paid according to the actual work they have done on the project and there were no advance payments made.
The only monetary implication the ministry will experience will be due to market prices escalation for materials as time went by without finishing the project.
The upgrades at the court are focused on general additional office space, upgrading of offices including that of the judge president, renovation and extension of the existing archive, a facelift to the building including the re-design of the main entrance, and renovation of existing offices and ablution facilities.
The building of the high court is amongst many government projects either temporarily abandoned or works completely suspended. Amongst others are buildings such as the Ministry of Home Affairs and roads were tools too have been downed.
Be that as it may, the Office of the Judiciary says the delay in completion of the court upgrades in no way affect proceedings at the court.
“The court proceedings at the High Court are not affected by the incompleteness of the building, as court hearing/trials continue undisturbed.
The Office of the Judiciary remains innovative amidst such delays to ensure that we continue to provide service excellence to the public at the High Court,” said communications chief Ockert Jansen. Jansen added that the line ministry is in control of the process that will ensure the speedy finalisation of the building.

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