Wednesday 14 April 2021
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World Radio Day

Where television and newspapers cannot reach, the radio reaches. It is a mass medium, which reaches the widest audience in the world. It is also recognized as a powerful communication tool and a low cost medium.

World Radio Day is held annually on 13 February to celebrate radio as a medium. UNESCO’s 36th General Conference proclaimed it on 3 November 2011 after originally being proposed by the Kingdom of Spain. It was first hosted in 2012. has described to be the most dynamic, reactive and engaging medium there is which has managed to adapt to 21st century changes. It offers new ways to interact such as online radio stations and live stations at events. Radio is uniquely positioned to bring communities together and create positive dialogue for change. By listening to its audiences and responding to their needs, radio provides the diversity of views and voices needed to address the challenges we all face.


This year’s theme for World Radio Day was ‘Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace’. According to, the theme of this year’s World Radio Day was divided into two subheadings: Promoting Dialogue and Participation which focuses on broadcasts that provide a platform for dialogue and democratic debates around issues, such as child trafficking, migration or violence against women, which can be of assistance in raising awareness among listeners.

The second sub theme was: Uniting Under Common Concerns, which addresses the fact that radio programming can build tolerance and surpass the differences separating groups by uniting them under common objectives and causes such as ensuring education for children or speaking on local concerns.

Namibia joined the rest of the world in celebrating World Radio Day at College of The Arts at the city campus in Windhoek.

Pupils from Primary and Secondary Schools took part in this year’s commemoration of highlighting problems that communities are faced with and the answers to these problems that can be provided through radio.

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