Friday 14 May 2021
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Watch out for Wasy!

Family of an Okahandja woman has warned the nation against the 20-year-old who has been going around telling tall tales about her past in order to solicit attention and at times even money.
Wasora Tjahere, who is known to her family as being extremely economical with the truth, recently added to her web of lies when she used a past rape incident to tarnish the name of her spiritual father, Pastor Caleb Nkalle.
The mother of a four-year-old daughter used Nkalle’s identity to claim that a man who had raped her in the past, had come back to haunt her.
The young woman’s family says that she has been a disturbed child for a long time.
Having lost both her parents in the space of two years at a young age, Tjahere never received counselling and it is believed that her “attention seeking tactics” may be as a result of her not having been “given a chance to grieve properly and not receiving psychological help” to deal with their passing.
Tjahers has confirmed said that she received no psychological help after being raped, but never admitted that she birthed a baby from the rape incident.
She reached out to Christian youth leader and gospel artist Maranatha Goroh, to tell her that her rapist had come back into her life and is trying to have a relationship with her.
Out of concern and fear that something bad may happen to her, Goroh decided that the best way would be to expose the man.
She took to social media to garner support in helping Tjahere whom she was also mentoring.
Apart from taking to social media, Goroh also approached the media in an attempt to help the young woman.
Nkalle has since come out to say that Tjahere is his spiritual daughter and that he could not understand why she had used his identity the way she did.
When the question was posed to her as to why she used her spiritual father’s identity in her lying escapade, Tjahere said “I don’t know why I did that, I think I was just bored.”
A clinical psychologist, who did not want to be named because of her professional partnerships, said that Tjahere’s actions are typical of those of a habitual liar or what may be termed a pathological liar.
She said that while pathological lying may not strictly be considered as a mental disorder, it can be a symptom of other personality disorders.
The psychiatrist said that pathological liars can be dangerous because they start believing their own lies and at times will do any and everything to make their story believable and to cover up where they may have been caught lying.
“It also has to do with self-esteem.
The person may not be pleased with who they are, what they have and how people see them, so they have to create this fantasy world that is in most cases enmeshed in webs of lies.
The more the person lies, the more they have to lie to maintain the first lie,” she said.

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