Monday 17 May 2021
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Solidarity with the people of Venezuela is a moral imperative against imperialism

A group of young Namibian activists under the umbrella of the Centre for People’s Resistance (CPR) took to the streets in Windhoek on January 30, 2019. The activists were concerned about the foreign interference in the internal affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela by Western countries led by the Trump Administration of the United States.
These countries want to install an unelected Interim Government in Venezuela. In other words, they are inciting a coup against an elected government of President Nicolas Maduro. President Maduro’s “crime” in the eyes of the imperialist forces is his policies of fighting poverty and inequality using oil revenue. Venezuela has huge oil reserves which the imperialist countries feel entitled to.
Venezuela has experienced drastic drop in the standards of living due to punitive sanction imposed on the country, especially its oil sector, by the Trump Administration.
These sanctions caused economic hardships to the population of Venezuela triggering mass emigration to neighbouring countries. Under economic pressure many citizens of Venezuela are finding it difficult to make a living despite the fact that their country has huge oil reserves.
The United States and its allies are known for their aggression against oil producing countries. In 2003 they invaded Iraq under the pretext that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, a fact which was proven false.
Thousands of Iraqis lost their lives including Saddam Hussein then leader of that country. In 2011 the same countries invaded Libya and murdered Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Both Iraq and Libya possess huge oil reserves. They became victims of their natural endowments. The world has returned to savage behaviours of gun-boat diplomacy.
International order is being threatened by imperialists greed. Morality in international relations is eroded by those with power. They reckon that the resources of the world belong to them. If weak countries are going to survive under this rule of the jungle the spirit of international solidarity must be rekindled.
Namibia is a product of international solidarity. Apartheid fascism was well entrenched both in Namibia and South Africa. Our struggle was nurtured by international solidarity.
Solidary groups in imperialists countries pressured their governments to impose arms embargo and economic sanctions on Apartheid South Africa. Socialist countries provided military training and weapons to freedom fighters, sympathetic governments rendered humanitarian support to those who were in exile, the OAU Liberation Committee mobilised resources within Africa and abroad in support of the freedom fighters.
Above all when newly liberated Angola was invaded by Apartheid South Africa, the Cuban internationalists rendered military support to the Angolan government and repelled the racists invaders.
During this time Western countries were providing weapons to racist South Africa. This enabled Apartheid South Africa to commit aggression against Frontline Countries.
Namibia’s independence was delayed for many years because of the support the Margaret Thatcher in Britain and the Reagan Administration in the United States provided to Apartheid South Africa.
The Reagan Administration policy conditioned the independence of Namibia to the withdrawal of Cuban Internationalist Forces from Angola.
For more than ten years Namibian independence was held hostage to American whims. It was the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale of 1988 that opened the door for Namibian independence.
The activists of the Centre for People’s Resistance who condemned the attempts by the imperialists countries to overthrow an elected government in Venezuela, are rekindling the spirit of international solidarity. This is the solidary the people of Venezuela need. The people of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela should be encouraged and assisted to find a peaceful negotiated settlement to their domestic challenges. Promoting regime change shall not solve their problems.
That road may lead to more division, confrontations and even to civil war. Imposing conditions and ultimatums shall not solve the problem.
The United Nations Security should be encouraged to establish a Good Office which should facilitate dialogue among the people of Venezuela. In the meantime, the United Nation Humanitarian Office should mobilise humanitarian assistance to the people of Venezuela during this hour of their need.
The people of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, need our solidarity. We must campaign against the American imposed sanctions. The suffering of the people of Venezuela is because of the sanctions not the policies of the Socialist Party of Maduro. Sanctions are fuelling conflict among the people of that country. They must be lifted. As to those whose eyes are fixed on the Venezuelan oil resources, they should learn a lesson from what followed after the killings of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi. Iraq is still at war with itself. Libya is in chaos. Regime change in Venezuela may lead to same situation.
The Centre for People’s Resistance should be commended for rising awareness among the public about the aggression by imperialists forces against the Socialist Government of Nicolas Maduro. Since the majority our people are languishing in poverty and inequality, we should express solidarity to Maduro’s policies of fighting poverty and inequality. This is a moral imperative!

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