Thursday 17 June 2021
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Ovambanderu wants stolen chief belt back

Ovambanderu Chief Kilus III Nguvauva has requested German Bundenstag member Otto von Holtz to help return a ‘sacred traditional belt’ and other items taken by the Gustav Voigts family in 1896 when King Kahimemua Nguvauva and Nikodemus Kavikunua were executed in Okahandja.
Nguvauva communicated this appeal in a letter he wrote and delivered to von Holtz during his recent visit to Namibia. Nguvauva has it that according to the history books,it was the Voigts family that had been tasked to disarm Kahimemua and after fulfilling that order consequently took from the king a sacred traditional belt of historical significance, a gun and other unknown items which now the traditional authority wants returned.
“I would like to hereby humbly appeal to you to assist me and the Ovambanderu community to do whatever you can, inclusive of your friends, relative, acquaintances who might have a good working relation with the Voigts family in Namibia or in Germany who might be in possession of this belt to, as a token of reconciliation and goodwill, hand over this belt to me as Chief of the Ovambanderu community,” said Nguvauva.
When Kahimemua succumbed to 12 times, large tracks of land belonging to the Ovambanderu and others were cleared for mass German settlement and large numbers of cattle (3000) of his own and about 12 000 from his subjects were scattered.
It’s said that Voigts later took the belt to Germany and presented it to the Braunschweig Museum in Germany for safekeeping, but later reclaimed it.
“I will assure you that I or the Ovambanderyu people will not demand any form of compensation or damages from the Voigts family,” he highlighted.
Nguvauva further underlined the atrocities tantamount to genocide that were committed against the Ovaherero people saying his people (Ovambanderu) also suffered during the same ordeal.
While he is cognisant of the election year, Nguvauva said his people strongly wish to bring to closure to the dark chapters which their ancestors went through.
“We would like reconcile finally with our brothers and sister of German descent. Too many were born in Namibia. We need to foster friendship and cooperation for the development of the country.”

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