Thursday 17 June 2021
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IUM Ready for The Academic Year

International University of Namibia (IUM) officially opened for its Academic Year on 14 February 2019.
Founder and Chairperson of the governing council Dr. David Richard Namwandi thanked all stakeholders for helping to make IUM what it is today as it has grown from an institution with only 1 lecturer, 1 student and 1 staff member.
“This year 2019 is special, it is special in that it marks exactly 25 years since the establishment of the forerunner of IUM in 1994 namely Institute of Higher Education,” said Namwandi.
He further expressed that even though it gives them a good reason to celebrate, it also gives an opportunity to reflect on what it has taken to be the university it is today.
In the conclusion of his keynote speech, Namwandi requested that the students join him through the IUM pledge.
The pledge described that students of the university will work as individual members of the team to the limit of their God given capacity, work for superior achievement, and reject the idea of failure and study to be a creator of work and wealth.
Professor Kingo Mchombu who is the acting Vice Chancellor of IUM asked that the first year students stand up so that they may be acknowledged.
He explained to them that teaching and learning in university is different from what they have previously experienced. “At university you learn to be independent and hence you exercise responsibility,” he concluded.

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