Monday 12 April 2021
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Gay Love in Namibia

Is there a difference between LBGTQ relationships and straight relationships?
Although homosexuality is not illegal in Namibia, sodomy is criminalised and punishable by a jail term.  Same sex couples in Namibia complain about discrimination and that they do not get legal protection as easily as their heterosexual counterparts in the country.
As Namibia is generally a safe country there are very few reported incidents of violence against people purely on the basis of their sexual orientation.
When it comes to PDA (Public Displays of Affection) however, many homosexuals suffer the humiliation of looks and whispers filled with disgust and vitriol.
There is this stereotype that gay people are super sexual and that they have hounds where it is easy to hook up with each other for sexual escapades.
An upset Ms Esmany asks “Why does Valentine’s have to be different for us because of our sexual preferences?
“Love is love. We all love the same and put the same amount of effort and trust and love into our relationships as you do, so why on earth should there be a different standard for us as same sex couples when it comes to anything on Valentine’s day? We bleed the same colour as straight people do.”
Society generally seems to be more accepting of gay women than men and thus women do not always get as much backlash as men do.
Stanley on his part feels that the issue is redundant. “We are here and we are here to stay.  This subject has been over-done in my opinion. Why can we not be allowed to love and date like everybody else, why is society still so judgmental of our love?
This is 2019 for crying out loud, there are bigger things going on in the world than wondering what the gays are doing on Valentine’s day.  We will be doing the exact same thing that the rest of the world will be doing, why are we not normalising that instead of making us seem like a foreign species on this earth?”
This Valentine’s season inclusivity seems to be the order of the day. Indeed the theme
of the day should be ‘love is love’ while society allows that love to flourish in all its forms.

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