Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Are you the main, the side, or both?

It’s normally during the festive season when almost every side-plate knows its place and this week adds on to that time of year.

I am well aware of those who enjoy the left position well, in the knowing of their status, but I pity those who think they have rights when they don’t yet have a position.

If you are not aware that your partner lied to you yesterday and the coming weekend, today we will share a few tips to help you realise that you are not the main switch and neither are you the plug. And for you who think you make the clouds move anytime, we are also here to tell you that you are replaceable at any time.

It is International Women’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day – a day that has fokol meaning but has every man’s blood boil while every woman’s legs only opens at a fee already known to the guy, a very minimal fee at that.

If your partner told you that he or she does not believe in Valentines, I guarantee you that they have a tender somewhere else, doing and celebrating the same thing they claim not to like. It’s not that they actually celebrate it, but they are forced to do so by their other partner, the real owner of his heart, or wallet in this case.

Just like women can come from one bedroom smelling butt-sweat and make you believe they’ve not had it for the entire week, guys are in for a treat this time of the year too, especially if you told your madam that you are not into this red roses shit. It’s simple, if you decided that you will not give it, there are plenty in line who will do it, and she is accepting the gift. And you know what they say about gratitude.

This is a heck of a week for men with more than one partner, especially for those cheating. There is a difference between having more than one partner and cheating; one is not necessarily a consequence of the other.

Those with more than one partner, their partner know that they are not the only ones by mutual agreement.
But with cheating, everyone thinks they are the one and only. So you can imagine what a cheating boyfriend – boyfriend is maybe not the right term to use but let’s go with it anyway – has to go through this week, especially when all his partners want a piece of him.

Who do we see first, who get the presence on the day and who gets the flowers? The main will surely get the Thursday but I’m not so sure she will get the weekend.

If your partner tells you that they are going out with friends this weekend, or ladies’ night out for that matter, she is going to pay her Thursday dues.
As for the guys, soccer will be very important this week.

An abandoned woman is a single woman. So while you are in your vibe going to sort out your kandeshis this weekend, also take note that someone has been preying on her and all it takes is a ‘he is not around’ text.

But also, don’t get angry if he cheats, especially on a day when his exes demand their retirement and silence packages. For one, you should be grateful that the side chick who knows about you has never rocked up at your workplace or attempted to pull your brains out with that dilapidated, worn out wig.

No guy wants to cheat and hurt his woman. In fact, it is for you. Imagine sneaking out of my house to go and look for some sort of happiness so that your feelings are not hurt. We really don’t want to hurt you that’s why we have accepted that you cannot be good at everything, but we still love you. I mean, the same thing happens to us especially when we are not good in bed but you still come back satisfied and happy to continue life with me.

So for this week, just because you got the roses does not mean you are the one. Others got those too because there was a bulk order. Just because you saw him for the day does not mean you are the one. Others will also get to see him tonight or tomorrow.

Actually, they are on voluntary leave because they know you will be monitoring. And for those who don’t believe in the day, just know that your partner will be in the company of someone who actually does.

Either way, you are not safe because whether it is today or tomorrow, some people celebrate their Valentines’ Day in March. What could this guy really do with you that is so pleasing, that he couldn’t do the rest on the other 365 days?

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