Monday 14 June 2021
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Meeting the inspirational Portia Timbo is an experience of note! From the passion with which she speaks and relates her journey, one can tell it is very personal and an achievement of note for this dynamic lady.
Portia gave up her corporate job late last year to focus exclusively on taking her dream of catering to the plus sized market in terms of lingerie a reality.
Plump Peach ‘insert peach emoji here’ is a dream 10 years in the making with the express desire to give full figured women a place where they can comfortably access lingerie, pyjamas, underwear that is in their size and made to fit. No more going into stores on a wing and a prayer, just hoping that you can find some underwear that you are comfortable with and look good in.
Plump Peach is 10 years in the making with Portia striving to get into the market and trying to balance her corporate job and business.
She found though that she needed to focus more of her attention on her business if it were to flourish.  That is how she started buying stock from a store called ‘intimacy’ in Cape Town, South Africa and eventually ended up stocking from Urban Plus SA which is an online store for fuller figured ladies.
After going through a divorce Portia went through a time of self-reflection, asking herself who she is, what her dreams truly are, what her passions truly are and how she could pursue them without offending friends and family and even her own daughter.
The resignation from her corporate job was a hard decision because although it was her livelihood she felt a tug into a different world where her creative side could be assuaged, which was an option she could take since the corporate market would still be there in a year or two.
Portia is also studying marketing which she will incorporate into her business skills.  Currently she is working hand in hand with Priscilla who is planning her annual love Yourself Campaign and Portia will be dressing the models for the valentine’s photo shoot and an event which will be held in the Windhoek CBD.
A problem that exists is that while there is positive progress there is still not enough diversity being portrayed in society. It is not only about plus size models, although that is positive, we would like to see women (and men) of all shapes, sizes, colours and appearance on the covers of magazines.
People often label body image based only on size, but it’s more than just a number. It’s the appearance of every trait, every limb, and every ‘flaw’ that a person might look in the mirror and feel insecure for. A girl might be considered skinny, but feel insecure about her muscular arms, or her flat chest, or her short height. Diversity is a combination of things that makes each person unique. In order to show young people, that no matter the size of your waist, your chest, your legs, or your arms, you are beautiful and society accepts you, we need to make an effort to add diversity to the media.
For the time being Plump Peach is eyeing to cater exclusively for the fuller figure woman, operating more online and privately and with pop up stores at cooperating business.  Brand awareness and relativity is clearly important for any up and coming business and is heavily taken into consideration for the brand of the business.
Under the corporate side of the business Portia does corporate consulting for corporates and individuals as well as a distributor.  She says “your image counts as well, so how you carry yourself is the whole thing, and it is important.”  She is in the business of “selling a lifestyle” and we at The Lounge are here for it.
“2019 will see the brand go to market and get well-deserved attention. Priscilla Topnaar, founder of Love Yourself Campaign that changes lives has created the path for fuller figured woman in Namibia to showcase themselves and take ownership of who they are, Plump Peach therefore supports this cause and look forward to strengthening this unity.
This year we have the privilege of partnering with this phenomenal human soul and the beautiful models that will be showcasing the plump peach lingerie during a photo shoot that will take place this coming Saturday 9thFeb 2019.”

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