Friday 23 April 2021
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City chooses luxury development over education and health

Swapo Party Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa wrote to The City of Windhoek to recommend that a piece of land wanted by the Cancer Association of Namibia and a university be sold to a company for an “upper class” mixed property development.
According to Council documents, Shaningwa wrote to the City on 18 September last year saying she is recommending Gold Valley Investment cc “to be considered for the application for a portion of land”.
She further motivated that, Gold Valley Investment’s owner, Fazila Martha Bock-Kakombo, is a previously disadvantaged Namibian woman, who has lived in Windhoek for the past 55 years.
According to the Secretary General’s letter, the land will be used for a mix of business and residential developments.
The Patriot has gathered that the mixed property development is set to be in the Eros area and Bock-Kakombo is telling interested parties that those who are interested will have to purchase on a plot and plan basis. Bock-Kakombo is also telling potential owners that N$1 million will not be enough to secure the spot as the development is set to cater for upper-class.
The land is measuring between 8000 and 10 000 square metres.
Bock-Kakombo did not want to answer any questions and told The Patriot to never call her number again.
According to the City documents, the Cancer Association of Namibia had been allocated Erf 7201, but they then informed the City that they do “not have financial capacity to purchase the property due to the financial constraints and lack of sponsors”.
The association’s Chief Executive Officer Rolf Hansen said that they wanted the land to construct an institution that would house the association’s head office, training centre for families affected by cancer as well as a “much needed palliative home”.
“Our people are dying undignified deaths and a palliative home would help with those patients for whom doctors cannot do anything for anymore”.
He said that the land they wanted was ideal in Eros, because the property is close to all the oncology doctors.
Gold Valley Investment is amongst three other applications for the land. One applicant was the University Centre for Studies in Namibia (TUCSIN). TUCSIN is a is a tertiary educational institution in Namibia that offers higher and ordinary level secondary school subjects. It is used by many students to better their grade 12 results or to repeat subjects they have failed.
The council documents show that the institution wanted to purchase the land as they needed additional space to cater for the increased demand of their services.
The other applicant for the same portion of land was Beta Care CC who wanted the land to construct a maternity and neonatal unit.
TUCSIN’s application was received in 7 October 2014 while Beta Care’s application was received on 30 June 2015 and Gold Valley Investment’s application coming only in 10 October last year. The strategic executive for the Housing, Property Management and Human Settlement in the document recommended that certain erfs be consolidated including portions of erf 7201 and be sold to Gold Valley Investment.
Gold Valley Investment had previously applied for land in Khomasdal also for a mixed development.
The Council documents show that Bock-Kakombo applied to buy Erf 5491 in April 2014 for residential and business development.
The city however informed her that business zoned erven are sold on tender and her application could therefore not be entertained.  Following a 2016 meeting, she was informed in 2017 that her application was forwarded to Council for deliberations.
She was informed in July 2019 that the Khomasdal erf was committed to a township development and that her application could not be considered.
The Cancer Association recently launched CHICA an interim home for childhood cancer patients and their families who travel to Windhoek for medical attention.

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