Friday 14 May 2021
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Wig Life

Wigs have taken over the way women [and men] look at their hair and the way they wear their hair as well.  We see individuals wearing wigs [or sew-on weave] everywhere we go.
Whether it looks like there is a big possibility that it might be the host’s hair or like there is entirely just no chance-we can tell when the hair simply is not growing out of the host’s scalp.
They come in all different shapes, colors, sizes, lengths and styles.  Wig wearing is an extremely popular practice amongst people of various demographics. People all over the world wear wigs-from celebrities to regular-not-so popular civilians.
Men with wig-wearing significant others
Some men feel that wigs are only there to enhance the beauty of their significant other.  “I like it” said *Mathew whose girlfriend owns several wigs when asked about his take on them. “But at the end of the day if its what she wants and makes her comfortable, then I’m cool with it.”
(Said *Ben whose girlfriend recently started wearing wigs. While some are in favor of wigs, others feel that they are a complete waste of time, money and space. )*James whose girlfriend wears wigs says that he is not a big fan but that he doesn’t hate them either.
*Bob thinks that his partner looks absolutely beautiful without them. Just on the strength of these conversations, its abundantly clear that men are not completely in full support of the wig-wearing habits of their significant others.
Even though its mostly women desire wigs, men have abolished the stereotype that wigs are for women only.

Men wearing wigs
Wigs have also grown popular amongst men, especially amongst those who are going through hair loss or who have been struggling to grow their beards or chest hair. It was even rumored that rapper, producer, singer and actor Drake has a beard wig because of the picture that was captured of his beard appearing to be peeling off.  It might seem like an esteem issue because no man wants to be seen struggling to grow a decent beard at 22 or balding at 28,this is exactly before men older than him or maybe the same way women change their hairstyles every now and again, men too wish to have a different look.

The cost & maintenance of owning wigs

After chatting to various women whowear wigs, The Lounge concluded that purchasing the hair is costly as it costs women mostly over N$1000 (depending on the type and length of hair) However wigs are easier to manage and alot more affordable as it entails treatment. Maria, a businesswoman who sells and makes wigs and hair advises should be done every month for what she said can cost about N$200 (which also depends on the texture of the hair). Individuals who wear wigs often braid their own hair underneath and then put the wig on top. This means that the hair is protected and becomes manageable as opposed to keeping it exposed or prone to breakage.

Naming Wigs

To some this  may sound absurd but naming your wig is a common practice for many wig owners. It is said that naming your wig/s give them a sense of personality which in turn influences the host’s behavior. For example a woman  with a blonde wig would give it a ‘fun’ name because as the saying goes “Blondes have the most fun.” For cancer patience who are balding or anyone who has started losing hair, naming wigs can be a way for the owner or host to establish a personal connection  to them as it brings them confidence and boosts their self morale.

There is  more to wigs than hiding your hair!

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