Friday 14 May 2021
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Municipal Regulations from 1930 still enforced at Swakopmund

The prohibition of angling at certain areas along Swakopmund beaches by the Swakopmund Municipality is not sitting well with some fishermen who make a living out of fishing.
“No-fishing” signs are visible in the area between the Aquarium (southern beach) and the new Platz am Meer mall (northern beach), which means fishing can only be done outside this area.
One fishermen (58), who asked for anonymity, noted that he has been fishing for many years at the “OK Parking” vicinity, just south of Platz am Meer Mall, putting food on the table for his family.
He noted that this regulation is forcing him to pay for transport in order to go fishing elsewhere, which according to him, is ex-pensive and unaffordable for most of the fishermen.
“The municipality is literally taking the bread out of our and our families’ mouths,” he fumed. This is the general sentiment shared by Swakopmund fishermen, interviewed by The Patriot.
Ms Aili Gebhardt, Corporate Officer Marketing & Communication – Corporate Services at the town’s municipality responded on the issue, noting that this is not a new regulation, but is dating back to 1930. Section 25 of this regulation states that “No person shall angle within the area extending from the northern side of the jetty in a northern direction up to a point situated opposite the northernmost corner beacon of Vineta-North.”
Furthermore, Section 22 (a) states that “No person shall angle from the jetty or bring any angling equipment onto such jetty.” However, angling at the jetty was only officially terminated during 2017.
The main reason for the suspension of angling at this part of the beach is the fact that some anglers after catching fish, leave the guts, scales and other rubbish at their fishing spots, Gebhardt noted. The heat from the sun causes these guts to create a stench which is unhygienic, she continued.
“You also have to remember that this area is a residential area and the possibility also exists that small children or dogs might get in contact with the de-composing fish guts, which can be a health hazard,” says Gebhardt.
She however explained that “not all areas at the said beach vicinity are totally off limits,” noting that some areas, such as behind Wurstbude where it is a bit quiet and the sea a distance from the houses, anglers can still fish.
The municipality wants to ac commodate everybody and thus fishermen, residents and visitors alike should respect each other and be responsible. She also indicated that some fishermen are willfully fishing where “no-fishing” signs are put up, showing no respect for the law.
As per the 1930 Municipal Regulations, the penalty for fishing in a no-fishing zone is a fine not exceeding three hundred rand and in default of payment, to imprisonment for a period not exceeding three months.
On a question on why the Swakopmund Municipality is still imposing regulations from as far back as 1930, Gebhardt noted that the town’s Council is busy reviewing these regulations.

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