Monday 17 May 2021
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More gravy flows from Soccer House

The Patriot has had sight of 5 NFA Bank Accounts, 4 of which are held at FNB (including the Dr Hage Geingob Cup) and one which is held at Bank Windhoek namely The FIFA Trust account.  FIFA annually awards finances to the Namibian Football Association for the development of Namibian football.
Despite annual financial statements presented to the Executive, details remain sketchy especially with the Dr Hage Geingob Cup having been presented for a number of years now, yet in the financial statements not a single line item appears whether it be for revenue or expenditure.
As reported previously, Amaning works at the Football Association as the Project Officer for Youth Development, and also doubles as the Assistant Manager of the Brave Warriors while being responsible for the Development Team.
According to the charge sheet, Count 1 deals with claims that Amaning on the 8th of September 2016 “allowed or caused one Mr Isaskar Barry Rukoro who is the General Secretary of the NFA, to request payments on his behalf from the Namibia Sports Commission to the amount of N$100 000 allegedly for duties he performed with the national team.”  The cheque was ultimately collected and cashed over the counter at Bank Windhoek at the Maerua Mall branch. The Patriot made several calls to Amaning, sent both whatsapp messages and sms’ to illicit a response to explain the reason for this payment, but to no avail.
Of concern to the Anti Corruption Commission’s investigation team is that Amaning knew that he was not “entitled to additional payments of such magnitude” and “that there were no national team activities or duties during that period in which the payment was made to him’.
The Patriot has confirmed that the investigation is being conducted by Petrus Kangameni an investigator at the ACC.
Rukoro also cashed many cheques made out to him which were all signed by him. These cheques too were cashed over the counter.
From the period 12 April 2016 up until 17 July 2017 (15 months) Rukoro received and cashed a total of 15 cheques amounting to N$244,887.65.
In an investigation by The Patriot, Rukoro assets include a farm at Tsumkwe, a residence at Elisenheim while his wife runs Two Four Three Financial Services, a Cash loan Company with registration number 25/11/504 registered at Namfisa.  The Company came into operation during August 2011. Amongst his fleet of cars, Rukoro owns a Ford Ranger, Toyota Land Cruiser as well as a Toyota Sedan.
Rukoro’s basic salary is N$40 000 and his total cost to company package monthly comes to N$76 000.
Count 2 of the charges against Amaning reads that during April and October 2016 “influenced and/or caused the Namibia Football Association to award four tenders to Ms Taimi Velho, who is his steady girlfriend, and a mother of his child.”
Ms Velho and companies registered in her name received the following payments from the NFA: Cheque no. 003096 in the amount of N$71 250 made out to Taimi Catering and Laundry Services. Another cheque numbered 003777 in the amount of N$95 000 was made out to Taimi Velho and cashed by herself. Cheque no. 003428 dated 27 June 2016 in the amount of N$37 125 made out to Taimi Catering and cheque no. 003589 issued to the amount of N$50 000 was made out to Taimi Velho cashed by herself.
The Patriot has previously reported that between March 2015 and July 2017 Amaning received a total of 30 cheques amounting to a whopping N$2 429 142.40.  The highest single amount he received was N488 424.90 which was cashed over the counter, like most other cheques with large amounts. In 2015 payments to the tune of N$1 258 5170.20 were made out to him in the space of 6 months with almost all being cashed over the counter.

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