Friday 14 May 2021
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And so the Countdown to the Namibia Annual Music Awards begins…

There has been title-tatle as to whether or not the Namibia Annual Music Awards will be taking place this year. Well Tim Ekandjo-the Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer of MTC along with NBC’s Chief Commercial Officer Umbi Karuaihe Upi this week held a brief press conference to clarify the hearsay.
Traditionally, the entries for the NAMAs occurs during the month of October however due to internal problems there have been some delays.
Because of those delays, artists have been enquiring whether the NAMAs are going to take place. Ekandjo explained that MTC goes out on tender every 3 years and that the tender process took longer than expected this time around. “We are committed to the event and have committed to the NAMAs for another 3 years which will see both MTC and NBC spearheading the event for 11 years with this new commitment”, he continued.
The call for entries will occur at the end of February and the qualifying entry rules will remain the same, which means only albums released between 1 December 2017 and 31 November 2018 will qualify for entry.
MTC expects to announce the close call for entries at the end of March 2019 to give artists a month to submit.
The exact dates of the entry announcements, entry closing, nomination launch and the award ceremony will all be announced in due time.
Even though the NAMAs will take place later than usual this year, next year everything is expected to go back to normal.
“The call for entries for the 2020 awards will go back to the normal dates, meaning we will call for entries for next year’s event in October as usual and the 2010 awards will take place on or traditional dates which is around April/May 2020” explained Ekandjo.
The road to the NAMAs begins.

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