Thursday 15 April 2021
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Ski boat owners discontent with high police presence

Ski boat owners at Swakopmund are not happy with the manner in which fishing inspectors together with law enforcers execute their duties when inspecting the boats after getting on shore with their catches.
The large number of police and security forces assisting the fishing inspectors is one of their main concerns as this, according to them, is humiliating and tarnishes their image in full view of tourists and the general public.
These boats land with their daily catches at the Mole, a stone throw away from the renowned Strand Hotel and are subjected to searches by fishing inspectors in order to ensure they do not exceed their daily quotas.
The Patriot was further informed about an incident late last year, where two ski boats were apparently searched and found in possession of “a little bit more” fish than their permits indicated.
They were allegedly fined on the spot, but furthermore instructed to clean and salt the confiscated fish (snoek) before the officials took it away.
It is alleged that the officials/law enforcers warned them that should they not clean and salt the snoek, because they would be arrested on the spot.
Raising these complaints with Mr Chris Tempo, Chief Fisheries Inspector at Walvis Bay, he remarked that he is not at liberty to discuss matters involving officials who are performing official duties as per their Powers under Section 5 of the Marine Resources Act, Act 27 of 2000.
He further noted that, “the very ski-boat owners are well aware of the applicable legislation and subsequent Regulations governing the sustainable harvest/utilization of marine resources.
If not, they should go ahead and acquaint themselves with the provisions of the law.”
In an earlier interview with the chairperson of the Benguella Ski boat Association, Mr Ian Izaacs, he too expressed disappointment and dissatisfaction with the manner in which ski boat owners are being treated by fishing authorities.
He remarked that they are working towards the formalization of the ski boat industry and are in constant engagement with Minister Bernard Esau and the Fisheries ministry in this regard. “We have been registered as a National body since 2012 and have always and will always give our full corporation to fishing inspectors,” Izaacs concluded.

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