Friday 18 June 2021
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Omaruru Under Siege

The small town of Omaruru has of late increasingly become a target of robberies and housebreakings which forced the Erongo Regional Commander Commissioner Andreas Nelumbu to take drastic action in countering these criminal activities.
After a series of robberies reported at the town between the  8th and 15th of January this year, Nelumbu assembled and sent an elite team comprising police officers from various Units and Sub-Divisions within the Region to join forces with the Omaruru Police and reservists to investigate and solve these cases.
The team successfully solved three of the robbery cases and arrested five suspects in connection with the robberies. Most of the stolen items were recovered.
The special team arrested another four suspects for amongst others being in possession of cannabis, grabbing a cell phone from a woman and being in the possession of suspected stolen items.
These items later proved to have indeed been stolen during a house break at Karibib.
Investigations by the team lead them all the way to Otjiwarongo where Petrus Hangula (39) was arrested after being found in possession of one of the stolen cell phones from a robbery at Omaruru. Joseph Shikongo (42) and Simon Shilongo (41) were also apprehended on robbery charges.
They appeared at the Omaruru Magistrates Court this Monday and the case was postponed until 23 February 2019. Shilongo was also involved in a housebreaking during June last year.
According to Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu from the Erongo Police Headquarters at Walvis Bay, he stands accused of housebreaking with the intent to rob and robbery.
Apparently the suspect, armed with a knife, cut the burglar bars at the house in Omaruru, tied the complainants arm and demanded money. He got away with two .38 special revolvers and N$900 in cash.
Speaking to the police at Omaruru on Wednesday, it was confirmed that the situation is now under control.

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