Sunday 18 April 2021
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Kitchen Chronicles

This week has been a kind of junky in terms of the foods/things I put in my own and my minions’ bodies.

Usually I am totally a stand out in front the stove and enjoy the routine and the calm that comes with that. For some reason I haven’t been doing it of late and I have a legit reason not to do that.  I’ve woken up with a headache a few days in a row and my focus hasn’t been like it should be and so I have been feeling a little drained.

It got me to thinking though about how many things we allow to adversely affect our lives, our peace and our equilibrium?
How often do we give an ‘in’ to things, people and situations we have no business allowing into our lives and in the shortest period of time that thing gets a hold of us and we have to make concerted and focussed efforts to get rid of it, when we could have avoided it in the first place.

It can be something as simple as allowing negative thoughts into our minds.  Or allowing a person or a situation to affect your spirit, or we allow people to speak negatively into our lives.

It is so important that we allow only positivity into our lives.  So important that the people who speak into our lives speak life and not death.  It’s so important that we associate with people who even when a situation is not all rosy, know how to impart what might ordinarily be construed as negative, in a way that is still inspiring and uplifting and in a way that does not make the recipient of such a message feel unworthy.

What is most important is that we be that positive person, or at least attempt to be, to everybody whom we come across.

Just imagine a world where most of our intention is to do no harm to the next person.  We can speak to people with love and respect even when we are admonishing or correcting an inappropriate or a frustrating behaviour.

We can impart wisdom without being arrogant and looking down our nose at people. We can surely be uplifting and helpful without making a spectacle of ourselves or doing it for likes online. I for one am extremely worried about the world and our role in it and what it is that we are doing to rectify so many wrongs and ills and misconceptions or of we are just okay to let things deteriorate as they are, because well most of us won’t be here in 60 years’ time.

It is a truly worrying situation and a frightening one that we leave the planet as our elders left it, or worse, as we found it.
So many things are killing us, frustrating us, trying so hard to keep us depressed and feeling oppressed. Its truly our responsibility to take of ourselves and our fellow human being, our minions and make sure that we are okay.

We need to make that skills (of compassion, of caring, or helping, of not harming) such a normal thing that they don’t even have to strive to be that.  That it is simply a normal thing for them and they don’t even have to think to be that, to do that, that it is just how it is. Imagine your 5 year old, being asked thirty years from now why they did a random act of kindness, or why they pay an employee a fair wage, or why they are decent to every single human being they come into contact with and their response is a bewildered ‘what other way is that to be?’

Surely that would be a mark of a society having done well. I have been saying for years that we need to teach our boy children compassion and empathy.  I stand by that but we also need to teach our girls the same skills.  Understanding, helpfulness, kindness, loyalty, trustworthiness …

I have become conscious about these things and I hope I can make one or two people more aware of it too.  Often our measure it taken by how well we treat our employees, business associates, partners.

By the human beings we have raised.  By how we treat the waiter in the restaurant or the cashier behind the counter.

How we respond when we come across social ills or abuse in all its stages, phases and faces. What kind of people are we really?  Are we keyboard warriors or real activists?  And just to be clear, activism does not have to mean that you are parading down the streets with placards every chance you get.  There are zealots who are wired that way and good on them, but that is not what we are all called to do.

Some of us will teach what we have quietly learned, simply by growing to people whose lives we touch.  People who will look up to us and sometimes admire from a distance.

The greatest impacts are often those of teachers who are unaware that they are even teaching. That might be the best way to teach because you are a book that someone is literally perusing daily. So study your pages and become aware even of your flaws, but choose to overlook those and focus on what is good and true about you.

None of us are without flaw.  The striving toward an inherently good, respectable person is what we should all be doing and then watch. The vast majority will tell only of the goodness of their parent, that being what they encounter the most. It might serve us to be purposeful about our dealings.

We are thus building ourselves psychologically, health wise and in our physical aspects.  At the same time we are teaching those who are watching us how to be better people and we are not even trying, really.

Life is so short and so unexpected and really we don’t know where we will end up tomorrow, but perhaps we can leave a good account of ourselves on this planet.

So it is back to my kitchen routine for me… I love listening to the arguing in the background, the jumping away from the pan when that chop just wants to squirt all its fat onto your chest,

I love feeling particularly hot when on Sunday I have cooked enough to feed a small army, and I love the calm it brings to my spirit.  I guess the little things are the ones that matter the most.

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