Saturday 17 April 2021
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Don’t be a log, take a jog

Surely you’ve seen a few people jogging in your neighbourhood and you’ve thought to yourself “nice” or “that should be me” or maybe you didn’t think even recognize someone running trying to catch their breath.

Well if you have been procrastinating, do so no more. Simply put on your running shoes, your sweatpants and go jogging.

Jogging is an activity of running at a light, gentle and steady pace in the form of exercise. Think of it as the miniature version of running. Because running is a gentle exercise, many people underestimate how good it is for you and what it can do for your body. From waist-trainers to slimming teas, people all over the world have entertained a number of weight-loss hacks, but jogging remains a classic.
What are the benefits?

Jogging is extremely beneficial for both your mental and physical health. Here’s how;

1. Jogging can help burn fat and in turn lose weight as it is estimated, you burn 150 calories for every mile you run and on top of that due to the “burning sensation” you will continue burning fat 48 hours after you last run. Taking a jog religiously can breed satisfying results. It is the best and fastest way to lose the stubborn bits and bobs that won’t seem to go away.

2. Jogging engages the large muscles of the body such as the hamstrings, gluteal muscles and calf muscles. Jogging also helps to tone the muscles by giving your body a trimmed and toned appearance along with well-developed muscles.

3. Jogging is highly beneficial for your cardiovascular health and can lower your chances of dying from cardiovascular related diseases/illnesses. A study conducted in Britain established that bus drivers and bank clerks were at a higher risk of suffering from a heart attack compared to the postman as the postman’s job description required walking from door to door in various neighbourhoods delivering mail which subsequently made him more physically active. This is because the cardiovascular system is being strengthened and the heart lungs can perform effectively and efficiently.

4.Jogging can help increase your life expectancy of up to 6 years. Exercising on a regular basis can slow down the aging cells.

1. Jogging (and exercising in general) can boost your self esteem and shine light on the confidence that had been hiding all along.

2. It sends nourishing blood up to the brain which makes it possible to think much more clearly.

3. It is an excellent stress relief mechanism.

4. Studies have shown that aerobic exercises (jogging, walking, running) release endorphins which can help reduce depression as well as anxiety and lift your spirits.

These and many other benefits can and will help you turn yourself into a better and healthier individual. Inside and out.

So next time wave at that panting jogger that you’re walking or driving past and set a jog date. It’ll be worth your while.

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