Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Dear City/NamPol

I’m the Undisciplined Child and before you tell me that I don’t have manners, take note that that is exactly what I’m supposed to be, undisciplined. But before that adult lesson of we should not insult our elders, take note that we have feelings too and the moment an adult’s stupidity drips into our lives, we will not hold back to question why they have come so far but learned nothing worth passing on?

Dear Police Officer, whether you are under Ndeitunga or what is left over of Kanime. This one is penned down for you because you have become just another bunch of p&^^%$s. We have lost trust in you and your actions remind us of the colonial days. This one is dedicated to you, the good and the bad.

I know many of you are our parents and with your guns you have been turned into state security officers with diplomatic uniforms, some even guarding Museums of Sam Nujoma (alive) and Hendrik Witbooi (obviously dead) statues just to make ends meet to send some of us to school.

I apologise in advance but today you are taking the pinch because one of yours just painted you all with the same brush. If it eats you, talk to your colleagues to stop the k^k and maybe we will respect the uniform.

You destroy houses of people who want nothing but a roof over their head. Then you decide who to arrest them and how they should be treated inside. But then we also know you are the ones in cahoots with inmates. We will forgive that one because we know policing was never what you wanted to become anyways. This week you went too far with this k^k.

I understand that like a dog, you are sent by your masters to do what those with the remote controls seated on political chairs wish, for those who do not want to sing rally songs. But let’s address you as the individual before your job. Man with balls, and I was hoping to also say dignity but you don’t have any. Madam with a family who understands labour and the struggle of other women trying to make ends meet without selling themself. I don’t know how you all got into the force but I would like to believe you were a human being with feelings at some point.

I want to understand how you as an individual, wakes up in the morning with all the energy knowing and determined that you are going to leave another black brother or in fact someone older than your mother, homeless.

I do not want to ask about the satisfaction it gives you because maybe it is not your doing. You are being used and your shrunken dickhead will not have a problem seeing this stupidity.
Just because you have it all does not mean that we all need to live in rented houses. If wanting to own a house is illegal, then your birth should really be reversed and your parents need to be put through a birth competence assessment test. They were surely not ready. Why didn’t they teach Namibia this ‘pulling out’ thing in the old days, hapo?

This has nothing to do with your grade 10 certificate or the rounds it took you to get in the uniform.

I’m simply questioning your ability to think as an individual. Maybe your parents never showed you love. But I understand that this is what becomes of products of pregnancies that were never graced with baby showers. I don’t believe in karma but we wait for your day with your masters. Kanime has fallen and you are next.

The more you make people cry, the closer you are to getting a taste of your own medicine. Where are the witchdoctors when we need them?
I wish you all just wake up to be on wheelchairs and deaf. Maybe you must also lose your sight because you have a thing for black people’s houses. Its better when you cannot see. You leave the real criminals and come destroy our houses even without the right papers mbuae.

One day it will be your brother or baby-mama’s house. Just like the judges let murderers and rapists free just because of a book of law, I pray the same is done to their daughters, maybe then they will feel the pain of a mother on the victim. You even making us pray for criminals on you.

So after five, how do you feel when you walk into your house knowing that you have left a family homeless? I’m really unable to can and every inch of hope in you is gone. For those who feel this message is not directed to you, please talk to your colleagues. They have painted you all with k^k.

When I was younger, I needed to take a few Black Labels to get my confidence to approach that Damara chick that has no time for chocolate conversations. I am yet to find out where you all get your confidence.

It is just on another level. But I don’t expect change from you when those who put you on the leash have nothing better to do than show off their inability to care. Just like the k^k waiting for you, we will be waiting for them when they come and tell us to vote for them.

Sobiso, what is Swapo going to do for Namibia in the next five years that they could not do in the past 28 years. Please tell me. It’s because of this shit that we have ‘Slavery Breakfast’ at the Independence Museum sold for N$110. Go there or tell City Police to go arrest that dish instead of terrorising us.

Your day will come
Mr. Officer. We are praying.

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